Four Face Animal Neglect Charges

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- Animal neglect charges were filed on Tuesday against four people from Lycoming County accused of mistreating horses.

Humane officers say they found eight horses last month at a farm near Williamsport starving and suffering from rain rot and infected hooves.

Alexandria Johnson, David Ramsey, Ted Fink, and Jodi Fink are accused of neglecting the animals.

The horses are being cared for at Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue in Lycoming County.


  • Teddyted Fleming

    These animal abusers need to be punished a lot harsher.Give them the same punishment just like the ones that abuse children and elderly people! those Groups are the weakest and need Protection!

  • Jillian

    I was able to see these horses in person at the rescue. Let me tell you, they weren’t only starved of food, but also attention! They were so happy to have people around them, petting them and loving them. Beautiful creatures that ended up with irresponsible “owners”. The rescue is doing a wonderful job at getting them healthy and eventually they will be able to find new homes with owners that will love and care for them properly!

    • ME

      People are dumb. I think some people think they have to have animals in order to be a part of the community, and then they tie them up outside with little companionship or worse yet, abuse them. Well, people, if you can’t afford animals and don’t have the time to tend to their needs, don’t own any! Get a clue.

  • BBadDDogg

    They should cut them up , mix” em with beef ,sell the meat to s.east asia . The horses they should try to heal up before putting them to sleep!

  • ME

    What is wrong with people? Why didn’t they take the time to reach out to an animal agency if they couldn’t care for them any longer? People are just sick.

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