Doughnut Sales Help Berwick Community

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For the last 43 years members of the Berwick Rotary Club have been selling doughnuts around Fat Tuesday, and this year was no different.

The club made more than 1,200 dozen doughnuts, and all of the money will go back into the community.

"We usually raise around $4,000 and that money supports community activities, we support the United Way. We give out scholarships to students," Berwick Rotary Club vice president, Cindy Lombard said.

This years annual doughnut sale locations had to be shuffled around.

Members say an inspector with the Department of Agriculture found the tasty treats in Kmart.

Rotary club members were told that they weren't registered with the Department of Agriculture in order to sell its doughnuts in retail stores.

Along with not being registered the doughnuts did not have ingredient labels.

In order for the doughnuts to be sold in retail stores it must have labels so consumers with food allergies are aware of what's in the food.

Members of the Berwick Rotary club say they've been selling in Boyer's Food Market, Kmart and Mifflinville Market for 15 years and have never had this problem.

Those looking for the doughnuts say they are unhappy that they were taken out of stores.

"We probably would have bought them there. You know, because it is more convenient," one woman said.

"I think they could have forgot about it for this year, you know. It's like hey pull it after a couple of days its been in stores," Ernie Cole of Berwick said.

Even though the bags of doughnuts didn't stay on retail shelves for long ... word of mouth spread quickly of where the doughnuts were at.

Customers like Jean Fisher say they're happy to help out this local organization.

"The money goes to certain areas for the needy and for kids with disabilities, and it's all for a good cause," Fisher said.

Rotary club members say even though the doughnuts had to be taken off of shelves this year... they still managed to sell out.

What's on their mind now is, making sure everything is ready to go for next year.