Doughnut Day Helps First Responders

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COAL TOWNSHIP -- Today is called by many names such as Doughnut Day, Shrove Tuesday, or Carnival.

It's the day before Lent begins and tradition calls for an indulgence of food.

Some first responders used the holiday to make money.

The smell from making donuts filled the Coal Township Rescue Squad building near Shamokin. First responders expect to sell thousands.

Kevin Malukas said it's a team effort.

"We do a little bit of everything us older guys. I sometimes powder the donuts or make them that way or making boxes or cleaning or frying them or whatever we need at the time. We just jump right in."

People buying the donuts do it for different reasons.

Tony Polek explained for him, it's childhood memories.

"We would go to church all the time and one of my favorite memories is we would go down the hall and we would have a cup of hot chocolate and a doughnut and I remember that back in fifth, sixth grade" Polek said.

Rescue treasurer John Campbell said the money raised helps the rescue group keep their doors open.

"The building costs alone, the electricity and gas for heat. The electricity is over a thousand dollars a year. The gas with this cold winter will run around two grand, so it all adds up."

Doughnut buyer William Berkheimer bought some doughnuts and told them to keep the change.

"The fire companies, they're there, and if you have an accident they're there and that little bit of extra helps them out," Berkheimer explained.

The Coal Township Rescue Squad will be at Knoebels Amusement Park the first week of October, so if you missed out on getting a doughnut today, you can get one later this year.

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