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State Police Drug Bust Nets more than 1,000 packets of Heroin

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP — State police in Luzerne County said a man faces nearly 2,000 counts after a chase and heroin bust Monday afternoon.

Troopers said they forced a vehicle off of the road on Route 309 near Wyoming and arrested two people, a man from Harrisburg and woman from New Jersey.

State police said the pair threw more than 1, 000 packets of heroin out the window as they chased them.

The street value of the heroin is more than $20,000.


  • johnobrien1960

    Good job state boys! Keep getting them any+every chance you can. There ruining many ppls lives+also hurting all of there family members lives! I also suggest you come down to the pike+Wayne county areas because it’s already out of controll here!!!

    • cckm

      I thank God that all around NEPA they are taking a proactive and aggressive approach to the problems. Keep up ithe good work! And God Bless!

  • Allie Hinkley

    The people that commented on this before me are no better then the drug dealers wishing death upon him. You sicken me. They were not right for what they did but neither are the addicts. I wish death upon no one

    • mdog

      Adventurous fools buy this crapp then die.
      The fools had brothers,sisters and Mothers.
      kids and or Dads.
      Do you think they care?
      When one chooses to sell deadly drugs to young fools
      they become a monster, the monster that spreads horror
      and heartache.

    • cckm

      Wish death on no one? Let’s see how fast your tune might change if one of your loved ones OD on the stuff. The dealers are worse than the addicts. Clean up the addicts we run the dealers out of business, true that, however, if someone OD’s and dies on illegal drugs that some low-life is selling around town, that’s murder in my book or at least manslaughter!

  • Capt Bogart

    Nice job! Now you need to stop by Susquehanna County, PA, and show their Task Force how to arrest the drug dealers. In Susquehanna County one can deal in broad daylight, and this is acceptable.

    • Greg

      The street value of 1,000 bags of H is about $2,500 to $3,500 if bought as one single bulk purchase. If it was split into bundles or even all 1,000 separate “packets” the street value would be between $6,000 and $12,000. I dunno why it bothers me so much, but I can’t stand when the police make a drug bust and then exaggerate the street value of the haul to glorify themselves and make it sound like they made a huge impact. In truth, a dealer that is carrying 1,000 bags home is a small time dealer. That’s only 25 grams TOTAL which is about a week’s worth of product for a low-level pusher with a fairly small number of clients. It won’t even be missed by the streets, so don’t be sitting at home thinking that this is going to stop the heroin trade in the area!

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