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Luxury Condos Coming To Pittston

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PITTSTON -- The bitter cold this winter hasn't stopped construction crews in Pittston.

A project is bringing upscale condominiums to an unexpected place.

The wooden frame of a building at the work site is quickly taking shape along Kennedy Boulevard in Pittston. This won't be the typical business or apartment building.  Instead there will be four floors of upscale condominiums along the Susquehanna River.

"A lot of people around here are looking for a nice place to live. It's really going to be great for this area," said Richard Depascale of Exeter.

Depascale believes it won't take long to fill the condos which are expected to cost at least $200,000.

Joe Thomas is a bit skeptical about the market for upscale living in downtown Pittston.

"It should be moved somewhere else. With the traffic and everything, it's in a bad location."

Developers say there is a lot of interest in condos with a riverfront view. More than two dozen names are already on a waiting list for people who want to live there.

"It's going to influx residents that are going to patronize all of the businesses in the downtown right from the start. It's going to be a whole brand new neighborhood," said community development director Joe Chacke.

Chacke says about half of the $9 million project was paid for with state grants.

Construction is about five weeks behind schedule because of the cold and snow but the condos could be ready for move in day by this October.


  • John Stevens

    Excuse me..I mis-read the article. Tax payers are only paying half of the 9 million dollars. I feel so much better about that. The rich just keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer.

  • John Stevens

    Why is our government paying 9 mill dollars for this? It seems like the developers are gonna make a bundle using tax dollars again. This is a joke.

  • bobc74

    “There is interest in condos with a riverfront view”. Well, at least until the river is sitting in your living room.

    • mdog

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    • Me

      I recently moved to Pittston after living in Lackawanna county for many years. I can say without a doubt that Pittston today is where Scranton was about five years ago. By that I mean they are pouring massive amounts of taxpayer dollars into a run down area in a last desperate hope of making it appear to be a nice place to live. Basically it’s just a facelift, a poor attempt at real change. Anyone who is foolish enough to buy a 200,000+ dollar condo in Pittston will flee this area after meeting the locals and realizing their mistake.

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