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Woman Hit by Car in Lackawanna County

scr ped hit

SCRANTON — Authorities say a vehicle hit a woman on the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Palm Street in Lackawanna County.

It happened around 7 a.m. on Monday.

Patricia Spalding, 59, was taken to the hospital for her injuries after being hit by the car.

Officers say the driver of the car, Santos Loja of South Scranton, was charged with driving without financial responsibility, no license and careless driving.

There is no word on Spalding’s condition at this time.


  • David Yankelitis

    The woman hit by the car on cedar ave this morning was my sister, she has very serious injuries. Two broken legs,broken shoulder,broken elbow, fractures in spine and fractures in her skull. They are still unable to operate because she is not stable. I would consider these life threatening injuries. To ad insult to the driver was an illegal, had no drivers license or insurance. He was cited for careless driving and was free to leave !!! Maybe Chanel 16 can do further investigating into the problems people like this cause our nation!!! This hard working lady needs justice!!!

  • Colleen Washburn

    This person that hit her was an illegal and got a citation only. He did NOT have a drivers license and had no insurance. If a legal American did this they be sitting in jail and she has some pretty serious injuries and you should be ashamed of your inaccurate and very sloppy reporting. SHAME ON YOU WNEP!!!!!!!!! Talk about bias~~

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