Early Dismissal For Water Problems In Dallas

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- There was a surprise early dismissal Monday for students in the Dallas School District.

A water main break from the weekend left the schools without water.

Hundreds of students leaving Dallas High School created a bit of chaos when administrators called an early dismissal just before noon.

Students rushing out the door and loading into cars and buses, that's not usually the scene at Dallas High school at noon on a Monday. But it was when administrators realized there was low water pressure throughout the district.

"I was in fourth period, and someone went to the bathroom and came back and said nothing was working," said senior Dante Zurenda.

"We have limited water pressure at the high school. We're about ready to experience limited water pressure at the middle school and then eventually each school down the line," explained Dallas School District superintendent Frank Galicki.

United Water supplies water to the district using a holding tank, but a water main break over the weekend at a United Water pumping station emptied the district's tank.

The water main break caused problems in the school cafeteria, the bathrooms, and of course the water fountains. Administration official got the kids out of school within a half hour of realizing there was a problem.

"Between 11:40 and 12:00 was a little frantic here in the district," Galicki said.

"We were in the lunchroom and everybody just started yelling in excitement because we were getting out early," said senior Kelsey Calvey.

Galicki says United Water will use an alternate well to fill the district's tank so students can return to school and hopefully not have to deal with any more water issues.

"No water pressure at all. It usually squirts in your face but not today," said Zurenda.

After-school activities and afternoon kindergarten were cancelled.

The superintendent expects school to be open on Tuesday.