Cold Snap “Marches” In

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SCRANTON-- As the sun set over Scranton Monday night, the cold began tightening its grip. Almost nobody felt the squeeze more than the people looking for shelter space on Olive Street in Scranton.

Joshua Otto says, "We wait over here until about 7:25, and then we wait near the door, 20 men and 10 women."

Those spaces at Saint Anthony's Haven are especially precious on a night like this.

Otto, who lost his gloves, doesn't have the gear to survive overnight outside.

He says, "I would have to sit somewhere, I mean I have three layers on, I have my jacket and two long sleeves, but other than that not really."

St. Anthony's  is one of three shelters Lackawanna County has available during its "Code Blue."

The alert is intended to make sure no one is stuck outside for long periods of time during the dangerous cold weather.

There are also shelters available at Bethel AME Church and the Community Intervention Center, both in Scranton.

While much of the city headed indoors a group of runners broke the chill at Courthouse Square.

The Scranton Running Company has 100 people training for the upcoming half-marathon but on this night only the hardiest made it out to train.

Mary McHale of Clarks Summit says she thought about staying home but didn't.

"Just dedication to the training program, it is something I really want to do."

As some trained for spring others shopped for it.

At Jerry's for All Seasons in Dunmore, the customers weren't sold on more cold.

While the greenhouse isn't open yet, we got a sneak peek.

Workers here know they are lucky getting to usher in what everyone is waiting for.

We asked Donna Davis how it feels when she sees the first sprouts emerge.

She answers, "It's nice, it's coming, spring is right around the corner."

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