Swimmers Support Brain Cancer Patient

WILKES-BARRE — A swim meet in Wilkes-Barre turned into a show of support for a boy battling cancer.

Nathan Tindell, 12, hit the water on Sunday for the first time since being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012.

He has undergone two surgeries and radiation treatment.

Swimmers taking part in the 39th Annual Saint Patrick’s Invitational at the YMCA in Wilkes-Barre swam for Nathan.


  • Candy

    What a sweet boy Nathan is! A truly inspiring young man. I wish you many, many years of health and happiness. Such a pleasant news clip. You made my day with your wonderful spirit and smile. Please let me know if there are other ways we can help out in your journey!

  • Jim West

    Who is coaching these kids to be not only good swimmers but instilling in them a sense of compassion, team spirit and caring toward each other? Kudos to the Y for hiring such talent.

  • anonymous

    Way to go Nathan! He had two surgeries and radiation and at the end of the interview he says how lucky he is and that he has a great life. The world needs more people like You. So inspiring.

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