Lewisburg Theatre Celebrates the Movies

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LEWISBURG -- It was a star-studded evening at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg.

The nonprofit organization held their annual Academy Award themed fundraiser Sunday night.

The event allows this landmark to keep the history of cinema alive in Union County.

Outreach Director for the theatre, Jessica Paquin, said, "We really try to be a big part of the community. We are the theatre district! Being the only theatre, we are the theatre district!"

Some members of the community said the location on Market Street is so much more than a movie theater.

"We got married here October eighth, 2011, right after all the renovations were done," said Richard and Brenda Bedosky of Lewisburg.

Attendees arrived in limos, walked the red carpet with some paparazzi, and took part in the fundraising too.

"We've got a silent auction going on with lots of cool movie memorabilia and some original artwork of the Campus Theatre," said Paquin.

And, of course, the most popular man in the building is Oscar himself.

"The gold statue, that was nice. Definitely walking in the door and having Carrie interview us," said the Bedoskys.

No Hollywood event would be complete without a red carpet interview.

In this case, the lesser known "Roan Jivers" and "Chris Seacrest" took over.

"We love asking questions about the movies they've seen and even odd ball questions about which best actor they think is the hunkiest," said "Chris Seacrest."

The most common question of the night was "Who are you wearing?"

"I'm wearing vintage I don't know and a little rabbit something," said "Roan Jivers."