Helping New Mothers In Need

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STROUDSBURG -- A nonprofit group that helps new mothers is asking for some assistance.

Angel's Closet in Monroe County provides baby supplies to new mothers in need.

Organizers said their shelves are getting bare and need donations to restock.

The group is asking for new or gently used infant clothing, towels, blankets, bibs, diapers and more.

Monetary donations are also accepted.

Anyone looking to drop off items can do so at Middle Smithfield Presbyterian Church Preschool outside Stroudsburg or at The Potting Shed on Ann Street in Stroudsburg.


  • yep

    Your just a bitter prrson who needs to keep their opinions to themselves. Before you go on another tantrum let me just say that I am a woman with an 18 month old and yes I am married.

    • ME

      Then get better jobs. This is an opinion board, so why should I keep my opinions to myself? Of course, I guess someone who is already married and has a kid at 18, maybe doesn’t understand that.

  • ME

    Yeah, this agency has needed help before, unsurprisedly. These types of organizations never do well and must depend on the kindness of others. It would do these women and society well, if they wise up and don’t have children they can’t afford and who don’t have the benefit of marriage or the baby’s father in their lives. If you can’t control your own emotions and impulses, then do it for your children. The rest of the world is in no position to help you with your dumbness.

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