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Celebrating an Olympian

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BERWICK -- The homecoming tour kept rolling for an Olympian from our area who competed in the winter games last month in Russia.

On Friday, Luger Jayson Terdiman visited students at school in Berwick where he grew up and today was "Jayson Terdiman" Day, starting with a parade.

There was a good crowd in downtown Berwick on this cold winter day. They waved flags, wore the red white and blue and awaited the hometown boy who made them all proud at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Sirens blared as the parade came down front street. The Olympic Luger atop the vintage fire truck, 25 year old Jayson Terdiman waved to his fans who supported him and his dream of winning gold in Sochi, Russia.

"He's a great kid. He was on my cross-country team, I was his coach back in middle school and it's just awesome to see a Berwickian do well for our town," said Karen May from Berwick.

A big group of fire trucks followed Terdiman and company to the high school gym in Berwick. Even though the double-luge athlete did not medal in these winter games, here in the place he grew up, he's a hero to many.

"He's pretty cool, saw him sleigh riding down on the tv, down the sploosh," said Brian Orlowski from Berwick.

Terdiman posed for pictures and eventually he came out to a standing ovation, something he considers icing on the cake.

"Going to the Olympics itself was more than enough and now this is just incredible, I gotta thank everybody for putting this on," said Olympian Jayson Terdiman.

Elected officials spoke highly of the young Terdiman and gave him the key to Berwick and a big Hershey's bar that says 'from Comet to Luge, you are our sweetest Olympian'.

"It's great to get the recognition after all the hard work. It's not anything I ever expected, kinda found myself getting a little emotional because of the outcry of support," added Terdiman.

What's more is the lasting impression Terdiman's success leaves on kids right here where his Olympic dreams began.

"Berwick is a really small town but it shows the kids being from somewhere so small you can still go out and follow your dreams and do such big things like Jayson did," said Ayrin Shortlidge from Berwick.

Terdiman thanked the community for all the support saying he could not have done it without everyone pulling for him.

Who knows, at just 25 we might see him on the world's stage in another four years.