Berwick Community Supports Family After Tragedy

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BERWICK -- The Berwick community came together to support the Haskell family on Saturday.

On February 14th, Abigail Haskell, 8, and Charlotte Haskell, 3, were killed in a car accident.

Their mom, Amanda Haskell, and sister were injured.

"They are the best kind of family, very loving and their children were everything to them," said Rachel Readler of Nesquehoning.

Event organizer, Damien Scoblink, said "People say things about Berwick, my response to anything negative about Berwick is just look at this."

The Berwick High School Class of 2004 held an all you can eat spaghetti dinner and raffle to raise money for the family.

Hundreds of people filled the Bethany United Methodist Church in Columbia County.

"Every time that we think the line to get into the seating area has finally gone away, we turn around and blink, next thing you know there's 50 people in the hallway again," said Scoblink.

More people than expected showed up to help the Haskells and some said it's the least they can for a family dealing with tragedy.

"It's a member of the town that you know, you rally around. If it were you and I, you would hope this many people would show," said Readler.

"It's just a heartache and people just want to help in anyway they can," said Carlo Seigfried of Berwick.

Volunteers filled the kitchens to serve up spaghetti.

One organizer said many people handed over more than then suggested donation of $8.

"I know it never even begins to erase the pain they're feeling, but if it helps in a small way, it's worth it," said Scoblink.

The Haskells didn't attend the event, but friends who did have a message for the family.

"We all came together to show how much we love you and support you," said Seigfried.

Organizers of the event said they set a goal to raise $5,000 for the family and they think they had that money before doors even opened.

Next week, the class of 2004 will give all of the money to the Haskell family.

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  • CCKM

    What a wonderful thing to do for this family. How can one imagine to go thru such a thing?! I did not know them, but I have friends who do…we are praying for you all..

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