Troopers Say School Board Member was Drunk, High During Crash

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WAYMART -- Police accuse a school board member from Wayne County of being drunk and high when he crashed his car last month.

Troopers said Andrew Gaudenzi, 27, from Waymart had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system when he crashed his car into a fire hydrant in Waymart in January.

Authorities said the Western Wayne school board member had also taken prescription drugs.

He now faces DUI and other charges in Wayne County.


  • Do Something

    For those of you who are disgusted and concerned, DO SOMETHING about it. School board officials, like any other elected officials, are there to serve YOU. Show up to a school board meeting and voice your opinion of which you are entitled to. Demand a resignation and if you are really serious about it, contact the media prior to the meeting.

  • Dave L.

    Half Gaudenzi’s Facebook pics show him hoisting a beer despite a previous DUI and also a drug conviction that sent him to prison. People ask how a man like this gets elected? Well, here in the Western Wayne School District you only get a serious interview for a teaching position through nepotism. Check and see how many teachers have the last name through birth or marriage. Heck, the kids joke about brother and sister teachers, and married teachers having spats.

    Luckily, we only pay these people $76,000 a year after they’ve been around a while, and their pension and health care only brings it to a mere $105,000/yr. Easily affordable in this elite region.

    And it’s really hard for the School Board President to come down on Gaudenzi when his own daughter was busted for DUI by PSP a few years ago. When she lost her job, Mr. Hollister made sure Western Wayne hired his lovely daughter at a starting salary of $40,000/yr. She was surely the most qualified for that UNADVERTISED job opening.

  • jerry

    lol good for the dork!!!!!!!!!!!!! its still amazing,, that school distric employes are not drug tested,, every where ya work, u get a drug test, thats why most of them smoke pot and pop pills and snort coke

  • Devin M

    I am not saying that what he did was right but y’all act like he had a choice about whether he drank or not. As proven by science, due to a mental obsession, we as addicts lack the power in choice. If we could just stop, don’t you think we would? It’s not a matter of choice.

    • Shane

      That is absolutely ridiculous, it’s a cop out. What if I say I have a “mental obsession” with working out because of the high I feel from that-or that I have a “mental obsession” with staying home with my kids because if how great that makes me feel-does that mean I don’t have to go to work, follow laws or function in daily life, positively contributing to society?? No! We all have to be disciplined and make responsible decisions. He simply did not. No science proven “mental obsession” forced him in a car after drinking 3 times the legal limit and using prescription drugs. I don’t buy it and fortunately our justice system doesn’t either. Take responsibility a and quit shifting the blame elsewhere!

      • DuEast

        I agree with Shane, and it’s not a PROVEN science; it’s a theory claiming proved. There are several factors involved that make a person more prone to various addictions. A person’s nature, nurture, and current environment. Some elements are physically addictive like heroin, alcohol, and nicotine, caffeine…and some are psychologically addictive. addictive like marijuana, meth, and cocaine unless the latter two are injected. Regardless of legit or illegal, drug and alcohol abuse WILL KILL.

  • johnobrien1960

    I think that whoever decided or let the school teachers unions get away with not being drug tested should be the 1st to be drug tested. I’m the very 1st to praise the hard work+dedication our school teachers + officials perform everyday. I believe that most teachers are truly dedicated to helping our children as I have met many over the years as a parent of 4 children with 1 still in school,but unfortunately we do have the bad ones that we all are seeing on the news or reading about,the ones on drugs,alcoholics,among other things. And let’s not forget the many who are being found guilty to molesting our children of all ages in our schools. The ones who are being reported and charged with sexually molesting our children have got to be on something weather it’s alcohol or drugs and proubley both. Why are the teachers against being tested for drugs? If they have nonthing to hide then they should be more then willing to take the drug test. I want my children’s teachers to be tested on a regular basis with no warning of the day the test will be given. I think it’s time for all parents to start insisting teachers+officials start being tested now!!!

    • Dawn

      As an educator, I have no problem being tested for alcohol or drugs. In fact, in recent contract negotiations for my district, this is something some of us suggested as we thought it may improve public perception for educators who deserved it. It would also be a way for districts to terminate others and save money on salaries being paid to those not doing their job. However, the big issue is, who will pay for the drug tests? Random testing on all employees is costly and would cause tax hikes as there are no federal or state grant programs for this. Just thought I’d share, it isn’t the teachers who are opposed to it!

      • Shane

        It’s our board members like this guy were reading about who oppose drug testing, not teachers!!!!!!!!

  • Kim D.

    Why can’t they get rid of this dirtbag?… Probably because some bozo will say he has a “disease”. His poor choices that resulted in all of this will e blamed on the “disease”. Well guess what, I don’t buy it! He made a choice to drink enough alcohol for his blood content to be 3 times the legal limit, he used drugs AND he drove. Not to mention he damaged a fire hydrant in his accident. He’s lucky he didn’t hurt someone or worse. The problem with losers like him and our society is that instead of giving him the boot, our tax dollars will probably pay for his stint in rehab. In the eyes off he parens who entrusted this delinquent to coach their children or make decisions for their school district, he’s a criminal who deserves to rot in jail. Yet unbelievably, he’s still posting phony Facebook status updates. He’s got a disease alright but there’s no such thing as a disease where it’s ok to make poor choices like his, the disease he suffers from is pathologically lying and not being held accountable for his actions. Get a grip you loser and resign!!!!

  • Disappointed parent

    Should be mandatory for drug testing when it comes to dealing with anything involved with a school district. If you sell drugs within so many feet of the school you really get hammered for it. If your a student you get suspended for having them on you or in your system-But to be a teacher or a school board member you get a free pass….no way. I thought there was criminal back ground checks for these items. I don’t want anyone with a criminal back ground near my child teaching or elected as a school board member. Lets practice what we preach- no drunk driving, no drugs… Isn’t that what we preach in school to our children. It should be grounds for automatic dismissal whether its an elected board member or a teacher. You can’t get a job in a federal or state prison with a criminal back ground and your watching criminals, but it’s okay to teach or be a board member, watch our children, and have a criminal back ground. What are the leaders of this county or state thinking in letting this ridiculousness go on.

    • concerned

      Why is it the school district is exempt from drug testing? Guess our children are not important enough to protect.


    No state in this country has legislation in place to require drug testing of teachers. Several states, including Pennsylvania, have proposed legislation that would make this a requirement for prospective teachers. The Bangor Area School District was trying to negotiate random drug testing into their future teacher employment contract. They would become the only district in the state to require such testing. Most local school board policies have policies relating to the use of drugs that provide specific information related to the consequences of drug/alcohol use.

    School board members are elected officials and cannot be removed from their position in any way other than being voted out. School board members may resign, however, boards of education have no course of action to take in order to remove the member.

      • CCKM

        I am sure it wasn’t a drug of benign concern! Scripts that can impair judgment run anything from anti-anxiety, to amphetamines, pain meds for sure, and even some heart and blood pressure meds when mixed with alcohol can severely impair judgment never mind the alcohol being bad enough alone!

    • CCKM

      They can’t be removed? I guess only if they commit a crime worthy of a prison term. That should get them off the board?! But why wouldn’t those in a position to get rid of him do so if he was proving to be a person who lacks good judgment?

    • CCKM

      I guess he was there to relate to all those parents we read about on here! I would find it hard to bear someone younger than when i even had my kid to make decisions on our kid’s educational well-being; besides the fact that he was a doper and a boozer. If the young adult has had the proper education, what’s to stop them from being elected to the board? And as for the aforementioned fact that teachers aren’t required drug testing? It’s time. There are many jobs that don’t involve such long-term and consistent contact with our greastes resource; our future, our children that require drug testing! “School board members are locally elected public officials entrusted with governing a community’s
      public schools.” Ok, then, epic fail.

  • c'mon wayne county

    It disgusts me that this is the same judgmental person on facebook giving everyone advice… while he’s out endangering our children’s lives with his reckless behavior. I also don’t understand how this is surprising, as AJ was in jail once already…. send him back and let’s get some better role models for our children on the school board.

      • concerned

        Yes I realize that. Was just making a comment about our whole educational system. It needs to be looked at. I was told it was unethical for teachers to be drug tested and it pissed me off. Why would a drug test bother them or anyone. Unless…….

      • CCKM

        Doesn’t matter he wasn’t a teacher, he was in a position to look out for our children’s educational interests? And he was in trouble before? I guess indeed to blame are the weens who elected him!

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