Long Jail Term For Indecent Assault

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SCRANTON — A man who admitted groping young girls at a public swimming pool received a long sentence in court Friday.

Paul Dailey was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in jail.

He pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault in October 2013.

Police said Dailey was caught touching five girls at the Nay Aug Park pool in July of 2012.

Dailey is a Megan’s Law offender for a previous offense and was subject to a minimum 20-year sentence.


  • mdog

    Another libtard gone wild, this is why street drugs are so dangerous.
    It may be 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 50 i do not know.Before my very eyes iv’e seen a grown man of 22yrs facially transform into a female.He was at a birthday party sitting in a chair across from me stoned off his rocker on weed.I thought i was losing it but i knew what i witnessed.A couple months later he had told his wife he wanted a sex operation, then 2 years after that he hitched a ride on a comet left behind 2 daughters and wife.This guy was not
    a feminine type nor did he exhibit any female traits prior his “transforming state” 530+ unknown elements are in weed
    and we all are brain wired different.
    Ok what i am saying is “it” can alter ones brain he had a very pretty wife
    beautiful children and a good future ahead of him.
    For the record when he came into the room at the party he looked at me very serious as if he wanted me to witness what he was about to
    do. I was on the other side of the room in shock.He had come up from the basement where he and 2 others were smoking the weed.
    I asked the other 2 guys months later if and what transpired in the basement
    they said they only smoked the weed.
    So what im sayin here is people you do not need to be stoned to be cool.Think about your children or the children you may have in your
    later years. As far as im concerned the weed destroyed my friend
    i barely got to know and it did it at his child’s birthday party of all places
    and times.
    By the way i am not attacking any ones gender im telling you
    what i saw with my own eyes.

    • michael

      You’re an idiot and your “friend” was something called transgender. If he smoked “the weed” or not, he was gonna have the sex change.
      Weed might have brought it out of him because one of the effects (or as I call tools) that “the weed” will do is make you wake up and realize whats bothering you. (most commonly called paranoia) That is a pretty BIG thing that boy had to carry around with him. He was who he was before weed though.
      You sir are a complete fool, and you should not be left near a computer.

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