Expert Weighs in on The Oscars

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Scott Schaffer is all about the Oscar hype that culminates in Sunday's award show, televised on WNEP.

Friday afternoon Scott sat down with ABC news entertainment reporter David Blaustein.

The expert told us who he expects to hit it big this weekend.


  • Charly Lucky

    I could not care less who wins !! As all those overpaid performers could care about us, the people that pay to see their work.
    They make millions here in the USA, and then start a charity for some third world country village, that needs clean water. How about helping out the children that have to live in poverty in our own country.
    I mean really, how many times do you have to show these people how to drill a well?????? CHARITY STARTS AT HOME. That Oprah and that Angelina and Brad couple, they need to go take a friggin walk.

    • Linda L

      I agree 100 per cent. Now we will probally send food,water and so on if there is a war there. Help us here who need help. To many people in this area even that are cold and hungry.

  • Linda L

    That is not new’s in my opinion. Way to much time spent on that so ended up changing the channel.

    • Ginny T

      You are right , who cares?? I love the movies , but these rich movie stars are paid too much , and really have no clue what it is like for most people in the REAL WORLD! I wish that all I had to worry about was who will win an oscar!

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