Talkback Feedback: Raegan Medgie

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It's a bittersweet night on Talkback Feedback.

We're saying goodbye to one of our Newswatch 16 colleagues.

Some call her Megan. Some call her crazy.

We call her Raegan Medgie, and she's the star of this week's edition.


  • Cindy

    I think Joe is an idiot, I base my day on the weather, but quess what? It is never right. Today I was suppose to see sunshine and 60 degrees, I have had cloudy skies all day and it is cold and damp. I really am going to change stations. Sick of hearing his opinions on life, mostlly this morning about Kohls Cash. Maybe someone should focus more on the forcast, this is what I tune in for at 5am.

  • robert daly

    Raegan Medgie, Good Luck in your new adventure, Thank You for the story you did on me as a wounded warrior returning from iraq

  • Twain

    Reagan you really brought life to a rather dull news station. so sad to see you go but wishing you everything you deserve in your next adventure in life.

  • Denny G.

    Going to miss her.
    Before I forget not sure if its just me but ever-time I watch anything that is prerecorded like the video you just posted it is all statistic on my PC& Laptop not sure why. Anyway best of luck to Reagan.

  • Renea M. Larue

    I love Snedecker’s Shenanigans! I have lived here all my life and love starting the morning with a laugh! People that don’t like Joe can just tune into another channel and stop hating on him!

  • Janey in the Poconos

    Good Luck Reagan, we’ll miss you in the Poconos, but you’re way too talented for this small market. Someday we’ll all be saying “we knew her when”, go get ’em girl!!
    PS Talkback is my favorite part of the news, I love hearing what all those grumpy, crazy people have to say…very entertaining!!

  • Jeff O'Neill

    Raegen, you will be missed. Come back when you can. :) And for all you Snedeker haters…this weather’s for you.

  • Mike Hagen

    Snedecker is a “treasure”? Yeah a real treasure, he should be buried. Many viewers dont care about his personal views about music, people, topics… he’s not funny he’s idiotic and in the morning people are getting ready for work and want to hear the forecast! Imagine that a weather man report the weather….. WNEP should try it….

  • Gary Zafia

    Reagan good luck to you. We are very sad to see you leave and will miss you. Hope you stay on facebook so we can follow you.

  • Steve

    We where so sad when you left Elmira, but now
    It’s time to move on again. You truly will be
    Missed by many. Good luck with your new

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