Power To Save: Old Books Become New Wreaths

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- What may look like old clutter around the house for some people is material for artwork for others.

An artist from Lackawanna County is turning the pages of old books into wreaths and finding new uses for recycled paper in this Power To Save report.

"I got an old book and I ripped out the pages, and I folded them to make a fan as a fan would be."

Kerry Silvi of Dunmore showed us her recycling wreaths now for sale at Cloe and Company in Clarks Summit.

Instead of tossing out old books, she turned the pages into art. On one, she rolled each page into a cone to create a look. For another she folded a lot of pages.

"This is over 2,000 pages out of a book. Actually, I used two books."

Store owner Donna Czarkowski gave her friend Silvi a place to sell her work.  Silvi started with intricate paper designs. She's learned all she needs to do is shred used paper to have the materials she needs.

"I said I'm not buying anything.  My husband can attest to it, that I have walked around my house looking for different things to use without going to buy stuff.  You don't have to," Silvi said.

"She's turning trash or junk you would be throwing it out into something really pretty for your house," said Czarkowski.

This store is filled with products made with old materials, whether it's old buttons used to make wall designs, old suitcoats used to make purses, or old fabrics used to design stuffed animals and pillows.

"I have met some of the most interesting people, gosh, who do so many different things," Czarkowski added.

The main goal of Czarkowski's store is to sell all American products and she's found some of the best products are recycled products.