Pothole Blitz Underway In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Talk about a special delivery. Scranton received a big load of material that is used to patch potholes, and even though it's just a temporary fix, drivers tell Newswatch 16 that something is better than nothing.

It won't last long.  That was the word from Scranton's Department of Public Works as a load of cold patch arrived.

The city was out of this asphalt used to patch the potholes. As soon as this second load of the week arrived, it was time to put it to use. Plenty of potholes were waiting.

"You saw, as quick as it came in is as quick as it went out," said DPW worker Robert Pugliese.

Within minutes, we found DPW workers using the new batch on Cherry Street in south Scranton. It's a spot getting all kinds of complaints.

Many drivers are glad seeing the patching but want more.

"As soon as they salt again and the plows go over them, it comes right back up," said Joshua Bastian.

"Instead of patching them, I think they need to do the road over, because sometimes when they patch them, they just go away again, too," said Jianah Walker.

DPW workers say it's not easy to get permanent paving materials this time of year.  Any fix in the cold weather is considered temporary. They also know cold patch doesn't always stick.

"You can't keep up with them. And every time it gets cold and then warm, it's going to happen again," Pugliese said.

PennDOT also resorts to cold patch. It also had workers patching potholes in the city on state roads like Main Avenue in west side.

PennDOT officials say this season has been a perfect recipe for all these potholes to form. They say they're trying to keep up with all of them but again they say this is just a temporary fix.

Drivers waiting while this work was done say any fix is worth it.

"When the potholes swallow your car, it's a problem," said Cassie Lynott.

"I know every single person that is stopped on this road right now, upset because they're late, honestly doesn't care because it so worth it just to have them fixed," said Miranda Morgan.

Even if there are more to come.