Man and Woman Arrested After Bank Robbery

beth schyl rob

PALMER TOWNSHIP — A man and woman from Schuylkill County were arrested in connection with a bank robbery in the Lehigh Valley.

Officers in Bethlehem arrested Beth Marsteller and Joseph Misero, both from Ashland, and charged them in connection with the robbery of a Wells Fargo branch.

The pair are also suspects in a mini market robbery in Bethlehem.



    Why won’t they quit ? How can two people agree to keep living a life of Stupidity ? Now we have to pay for their keep in prison for years because of Stupidity.

    A boy friend and a girl friend both working just at meager jobs can build a good life as a couple. Just work hard and save their money. But no, They choose to become thieves and ruin their lives.

    Probably hooked on drugs.

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