Gas Issue Leads To People Getting Good Fuel For Cheap

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MAYFIELD -- So imagine filling up your gas tank with premium grade gas but only having to pay for the cost of regular unleaded?

That's exactly what happened to some customers at one gas station in Lackawanna County, and it wasn't a marketing gimmick to sell more gas.

For many customers, Santarelli and Sons Gas Station in Mayfield is a popular location to fill their tanks.

It's full service, so someone's there to pump your gas.

Also, drivers said it typically has some of the lowest gas prices with a gallon of regular now at $3.50.

“That`s why I stop here, it`s great anytime you can get the lowest prices available that is a big advantage,” said Bailey Dilts of Carbondale. “They try to keep their prices down on a regular basis, and it`s always good service, that`s the main reason I come.”

But for about an hour, the station had a pretty significant gas issue.

While getting a gas delivery of regular and mid-grade gas, the station's supplier called saying there could be a problem with those grades of gas.

The problem was caught before anyone was served that gas and tankers were brought in to haul it away.

That left the station with only one other type of gas to sell: Super Premium.

Not looking to punish customers, the station sold that expensive grade at regular fuel prices.

“So we`re getting rid of the fuel so there isn`t any chances to our customers and everybody`s getting a great deal because they`re getting the super fuel at the regular price,” said station employee John Caviston.

For customers it was almost like hitting the lottery.

“Absolutely, yeah, yeah, that`s fantastic. I filled up on the good stuff, I did, that`s good,” said Dilts. “I`m happy about that.”

“I mean it`s a nice thing that they`re taking care of customers that way,” said John Cummings of Carbondale.

“People drive how many miles out of the way to save five cents a gallon, and now they`re giving us the good stuff for the same price,” said Donna O’Shaughanssy of Honesdale.  I think that`s a good thing. They don`t have to do that, I`m glad they are.”


  • Will

    What a sweet cover up , giving away high price gas cheap. Only if ppl new that on 2-27-14 @ 930 am that it the station stop selling the reg and mid cuz diesel was mix in with it . So who ever got gas before that has it mixed in the vehicle.

    • Clark

      Not true. If your engine has a compression ratio > 10:1, then higher octane will run out with more hp and smoother, due to it’s slower burn. I know TV Tech is the lowest form of information gathering, but most “regular” cars benefit for 89 midgrades. It also depends on HOW you drive…

      • e

        Clark you don’t seem to realise that above a 10:1 ratio is high performance engine territory, most production engines are between 6:1 and 10:1 ratio. Look it up. Engines are timed for a certain octane gasoline from the factory. Octane rating may make a difference for high performance engines, but that has nothing to do with the majority of cars on the road and therefore doesn not matter. You mentioned something called TV tech, is that where you learned this piece of information? Please stop perpetuating nonsense, there is already too much of that going around. Also, are you suggesting that how you drive determines what octane you need to run? Really?

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