Chapter Two In Hazleton’s Flag Flap

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HAZLETON --There is another chapter unfolding in Hazleton's flag flap. The mayor said he would be breaking the law if he allowed a Dominican Republic flag to fly outside city hall.  But it now appears city council will be taking the flag inside.

This is the 170th anniversary of the Dominican Republic's independence. People were celebrating at the Dominican House, a community organization in Hazleton.

Ingrid Martinez watched the republic's president address lawmakers.

"To us it's a very special day for Dominicans but we share it with everybody," Martinez said.

Officials at the Dominican House wanted to fly their country's flag from Hazleton City Hall to celebrate. The mayor told them it was against state law. So now city council President Jack Mundie said the law allows the Dominican flag to be placed in city council chambers.

"At city hall if they want to present us with a flag, I don't think council would have a problem with that."

Victor Perez of the Dominican House is glad things worked out.

"We are proud to receive this offer from the city council members and we are proud to receive the opportunity." Perez said.

The Dominican Republic's flag will stand next to a Polish and Italian flag.  They were presented to city council from the Sister City organization.

Mayor Joe Yannuzzi said the group links similar cities in different countries.

"I don't see why the Dominican flag should be in council chambers with our Sister Cities, having said that council chambers is theirs, they control it."

Hazleton is made up of many races and cultures and because of that Victor Perez of the Dominican House would like to see more flags representing all of those folks in city council chambers.


  • ME

    The only racist and uncultured person here is you and your fellow Dominicans. Don’t forget pompous and self-entitled. Only the weak need to feel strong.

    • Melany

      Like I said “pointless”! Cheers to you and your opinion! Cheers to us and our opinions. This is one battle we have won! Hurray!🙂

  • Melany

    If that’s really how you feel my comments aren’t meant to offend you! I specifically said we immigrants came to this country to be free and we should celebrate as we wish. Your choice is to celebrate your flag from the privacy of your own home thats your choice. Just as alot of dominicans don’t care if the flag is up there or not! But others choose to have more pride and celebrate in a larger way. They are free to do so. So congrats jenn to you and your country’s flag.

  • CCKM

    Preach! I wanna design a WASP flag and fly that at city hall! Let’s see how THAT ONE flies! Haven’t immigrants been here since even before our country became an offical nation WAY back in the 1700’s? It was decided back then; ONE NATION under God!

  • CCKM

    I grew up in one of the most diverse places in the world, and I disagree with the request the flag be flown on USA governement property. And yes, we are all equal which is why it’s time the hispanics and other people other than white stop flapping their wings about why their all that because if we did that we would be considered racist. Actually, when you other cultures request that the world stand up and take notice of them as exceptional outside of the diverse groups together as a whole; isn’t it you then who are being racist? “To us it’s a very special day for Dominicans but we share it with everybody,” says Martinez. So you are going to decide what we choose to celebrate? Because we are a nation of diversity in the USA, the American flag says it all, and speaks for itself!

    • Melany

      Cckm, Martinez is not asking you to celebrate. She was simply welcoming anyone who wanted to celebrate with them. Im so happy that one simple flag is causing such rucus. Today I feel like our celebration is even bigger because we celebrate and there is nothing you can do about it other than post insignificant comments! And just to inform all of you the Dominican flag will now fly inside city counsil chambers along with the other flags that proudly stand there. Not just on one day! Everyday! Cheers to you Dominican House for standing up! I encourage every citizen who is proud of their country’s flag to do the same! Celebrate both flags proudly! This is proof that negative people or insignificant comments will not bring us down! I love America! Hip hip Hurray!!! Cheers to all of us Americans! Im so proud!🙂

  • CCKM

    Agreed, their pompous posturing about countries they left behind to come live here,and think they’re gonna set the status quo just because they stomp their feet reeks! The this is our country too doesn’t entitle you to demand the government of this country to fly a flag from another country on USA government property!

  • lane street

    These are the same people who are defending the mayor who put the Irish flag outside on March, 2012. Hypocrisy and discrimination is bad. The mayor had no problem putting the Irish flag outside and they don’t make a huge majority in Hazleton.I am a Dominican-American but prefer only the American and other non-foreign flags outside, but I don’t like his obvious discrimination and hypocrisy. I believe that we should the discussion of foreign flags flown outside in the city. I would like to see at least the Dominican and other flags inside the city hall like the Italian and Polish

    • ME

      The flag was taken down when they realized what they were doing was illegal. Guess you forgot that part, so stick it with discrimination and stop causing trouble.

  • ME

    They won’t do that, because most other countries have stricter immigration policies and wouldn’t let them in.
    People take advantage of us because our useless politicians are stuck on stupid in the 1900’s and are controlled by special interests.
    It is time for Americans to demand changes before this country becomes a third world cesspool.

  • Melany

    This is our country too! We are dominican-american! Most of us were born and raised in this country and we are free to celebrate our dominican culture just like we celebrate our american culture on july 4th. Any race can celebrate in this country as they wish! That’s why our ancestors came to this country! We are all free to do as we wish without breaking the law! Most of you people are going to have to get used to the fact that we are here to stay and have no plans of going else where! Sorry!!!

    • ME

      The fourth of July is about celebrating America. All other flags of our ancestors like flying the Irish or Polish flag is secondary. You are comparing apples and oranges, if you know what I mean, which you probably don’t. Believe me, no one is more sorry that you are here to stay, than real Americans that value this country and only consider themselves Americans, first, foremost and always. Get used to it.
      Besides, where else could you go?

  • Maria

    Such vitriol. Irish, Italian, Polish flags have been flying all over the northeast for years. Hatred for the Hispanic cultures behind all this flap.

    • ME

      Yeah, Yeah Maria. Did our ancestors come in from the start and ask their flags to be flown outside the courthouse with the American flag? I doubt it because they were proud to be Americans. I heard the Dominican say he was proud to be a Dominican not an American, if he is a legal one. The flags you mention are the flags of our ancestors and they are not flown in public places like the town hall, outside with the American flag. Our ancestors wouldn’t ever even think to ask that, especially if they just got here. Then you wonder why there is vitriol for Hispanics. They need to get some respect for others and this country. Hispanics aren’t the only immigrants to come to this country, but they act like they are and they certainly didn’t stay here illegally, for the ones that are here illegally. Get it now?

      • CCKM

        I have a stupid question. If their country was all that, why did they leave it? The only place NYC has all manner of flags flying all at once is the United Nations, that I can recall, and how many cultures do they have there? I stopped counting! Any ethnic flags were hailed and flown proudly on private property and businesses.

    • CCKM

      Nope, right in there with you! On occasion I had experienced that back home, and like I said before, their mouths were shut real fast. Most of the time, my experience has been one of gratitude from those who immigrated over here. On occasion we would run into a few pompous pea-brains. I for the most part did not experience the behavior of those on this page at all, the cultural exchanges were largely positive with the exchange of traditions. Makes for interesting church suppers!

    • Melany

      Actually Mr. Paulowskey, Dominican-Americans who are in the Dominican Republic on July 4th proudly fly both flags!

      • Melany

        I have witnessed many dominican-americans celebrating july 4th in the dominican republic. I have seen the American flag in the national palace of the dominican republic! And I have also seen the American flag in the national palace of Mexico. I am pretty sure most countries honor the American flag as they honor their own for letting their people come live in peace!

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