Animals Rescued from Filthy Home

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Animal control took 10 dogs and two cats from a home in Pike County on Thursday.

They'll be nursed back to health after officials said they were living in awful conditions.

The 10 dogs stand out from the rest of the animals at the Dessin Animal Shelter in Wayne County.

Officials said it's a result of living in filth.

"They're filthy. They smell. There's a couple with skin issues, probably from the fleas that they have because they're covered with fleas," said Denise Eccles, animal care supervisor.

Animal control took in the dogs and two cats from a home in Blooming Grove Township near Hawley.

Officers said most of the animals never left the home, which is infested with cockroaches and has no running water.

Officials said the owner was cooperative with them, but has not been charged with abuse at this time.

Neighbors said they're not surprised.

"I'm very glad that they did find a little better home because we never saw them, but we knew that they were there, and I'm just glad that they're in a better place right now," said Nick Astorino of Blooming Grove Township.

The dogs are a mix of chihuahuas, miniature pinchers and pomeranians.

None are spayed or neutered.

The cats aren't doing well either.

Workers at the animal shelter are in the process of vaccinating the animals, getting them ready to be adopted hopefully in the next few weeks.

"We're an animal lover, believe me, I feed the deer. We had a dog for 17 years, and we just had to put him to sleep not long ago, and I'm just glad that the dogs in a little better place," said Astorino.

If you're interested in adopting the animals once they're ready contact the Dessin Animal Shelter in Wayne County.

The investigation into the abuse is ongoing.


  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddd


  • Sad all around

    Is someone going to rescue the person who was also living in these conditions? They obviously need help as well.

    • Shelly Darlene

      I fear there will be no help for her – it’s sad though because to live without water, have a bug issue, a “filthy” home and be an animal hoarder throws up instant red flags for some sort of mental illness. I hope though I am wrong and she / he receives help.

  • David Hagenbaugh

    What is sad is that most of the “animal hoarders” truly believe they are helping the animals regardless of the living conditions. Sometimes the poor animals would be better left on their own. It is a conflict sometimes whether to condemn the people responsible or commend their efforts, however misguided. Either way there are innocent creatures suffering, so I guess its a lose/lose situation

    • CCKM

      I know, so sad. We took in a litter of kittens last year from someone who poisoned the mother! They were beautiful, but somewhat feral. We couldn’t keep them although I would’ve like to! We got them somewhat civilized, litter trained, etc..and found homes for all of them. One good home, the other was on a farm. We heard one of them if not two went missing in the woods anyway..but I suppose that would’ve been better than them getting hit by cars if let out in our town. We were going to keep one, but he took too much interest in my parrot! We already also had one dog and a cat who was not interested in the bird at all, but frequently stalks them outside. We don’t let the other pets near the parrot anyway! A year later, a kitten shows up under our shed, so we did take her in. She’s awesome! I fear tho if I had big property like a farm, I indeed could fall into this trap! Other people I know are foster parents to animals and they work in tandem with shelters; wonder why these hoarders don’t go that route?

  • Bunny Cop

    Feed the deer? Not corn I hope. You will kill a deer feeding it corn in the Winter. They’re a Ruminant animal that eats bark and woody plants in the Winter when their digestive system changes for the season. Corn will give them acidosis. A horrible death. PLEASE don’t feed Deer corn in the Winter!!

    • CCKM

      Well that’s good know! This city girl is still learning! My husband who is from here didn’t know that either! They don’t come by us much but the houses across from us and down the hill have woods behind them, I often see them from a distance.

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