Wilkes-Barre Shooting Suspect Headed to Trial

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WILKES-BARRE -- A magistrate has ruled there is enough evidence to send a man to trial for a deadly shooting in Wilkes-Barre. Another victim who survived the shooting testified on Wednesday in court.

Not only did Jordan Stevens not talk as he left a magistrate's office in Wilkes-Barre, but he left yawning.

The magistrate ruled there's enough evidence to send him to trial for a shooting that left 18-year-old Chris Narainasami dead. The shooting happened in September at Boulevard Townhomes in Wilkes-Barre. Police say Stevens shot at three men, killing Narainasami and injuring another.

"These boys appeared to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They appeared to have been a random target of Mr. Stevens who was looking to raise hell that night," said Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Jarrett Ferentino.

Neighbors testified Stevens was drunk and arguing with people earlier that night. They say Stevens threatened to kill someone.

Victim Alexander Torres was shot in the leg. He testified that he hadn't even realized he was shot.

Torres said he heard gunshots and started running. He testified he found Narainasami on the ground, not moving. He says he was bleeding and they started panicking.

Surveillance video of the shooting was played in court, but Torres wasn't able to identify the man in the video as Jordan Stevens.

"When no one identifies our client as the shooter and the DNA is suspect, we felt that even at this stage, the charge of criminal homicide should have been evaluated a little closer," said defense attorney Joseph Yeager.

When Stevens was arrested last month, he was already locked up on a parole violation for an armed robbery. Friends and family of Narainasami and assistant district attorney Jarrett Ferentino feel sure the case against Stevens is strong.

"It's clearly the individual that leaves the residence just prior to the shooting. We have witnesses that corroborate that as well as compelling DNA evidence that puts Mr. Stevens there," said Ferentino.

Stevens remains locked tonight in Luzerne County without bail.

We spoke with Chris Narainasami's mother off camera. She told Newswatch 16 he was a good son who was hanging out that night with people he normally didn't spend time with.

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