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Wham Cam: Are Robins a True Sign of Spring?

Meteorologist Joe Snedeker brings up the point that around this time of year, we start to hear more birds chirping.  Is that a sign that Spring is here?



    Which article EQ on,why all smart mouth ? That is BEAK that thinks Robins should be destroyed,that is evilness! I like Robins ,people eat them for food in Oklahoma ! (OMAHA) maybe you flakes and Pey should hook up. Both loose your own games!HA HA HA LOL!


    The mothers moor the eggs in nests of straw and such sorts ,when hatched they feed the babies with worms and such sorts still moored in the nest,turning juvenile the mothers teach them to fly and you know what the whole time the adult robins fight off the Rapacious Ravens! Sorry … I like to eat fish sometimes…but couldn’t stand the ole lady stangnant odor .. your gross and you flakes been beat. C slobbered on that stupid .. you will down to now ..lost game!

  • Jonathan M.

    Yes, you want her
    Look at her, you know you do
    It’s possible she wants you, too
    There is one way to ask her
    It don’t take a word
    Not a single word
    Go on and kiss the bird …

    Sorry … “Little Mermaid” flashback

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