“Uncle Ted” Nominated for Induction Into Horror Host Hall of Fame

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(courtesy: horrorhostgraveyard.com)

The Horror Host Hall of Fame has nominated Edwin “Uncle Ted” Raub (1921- 1998) for induction into the hall. There’s still time to vote and more information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Don’t remember Uncle Ted’s Ghoul School on WNEP?

Here’s a refresher. Ghoul School ran live every Friday night on WNEP-TV. Like many late night horror movie shows across the nation, Ghoul School featured short comedy skits during the intermissions of some classic low-budget horror flicks.

Uncle Ted’s Ghoul School ran from 1974 to 1982 on WNEP and Uncle Ted’s Monstermania ran from 1984 to the mid 1990s on WVIA.

Here are some clips of Uncle Ted in action (Uncle Ted’s Monstermania):

Visit the Horror Host Hall of Fame site or Facebook page here, for more information on how to cast your vote for Uncle Ted.


  • Ron Romiski

    Beth, I knew your dad. I am the one who called wilk concerning his nomination, asking that they would help get the word out. When I was a young boy, raised by only my mother, we were quite poor. There certainly was not money very often to purchase magic equipment, and when there was it was generally smaller items. Your dad used to sell me used equipment he had, ver cheaply mind you. He really helped me out getting started in magic, I remember him fondly. I in fact recently told one of the officers at the local society of American magicians, a group I am a past Vice President of, that it needs to return it’s operation to that of the days of Ted Raub, Harry Crawford, and Louie Plotkin. To me, when I attended my first magic meeting in the mid 80’s these men were icons to me, and growing up watching your dad on TV and going to every show of his I could get to, it truly was like meeting one of my heroes. Today, I am a professional magician… Much of which I owe to your dad. He is loved and missed.

  • Rosemary

    I am old enough to remember the Uncle Ted show in the 1950’s which I appeared on one time. The kids would slide down a sliding board with Uncle Ted waiting at the end to catch you. Then you would tell the audience your name and we received chocolate bubble gum and play scissors!!! That is how old I am!!!! WHO REMEMBERS THIS??

    • Beth Raub Bessmer

      Rosemary, you are talking about Uncle Ted’s Childrens’ Party, which ran on the old WDAU-TV in the late 50’s/early 60’s.

      • Rosemary

        Beth Oh Thank you for naming that show, my Sister and I were wracking our brains trying to think of what the show was. I seem to remember he had puppets or some kid things on the show. Thanks so much!!!! A great memory!!!

  • Gregg Childress

    I am happy to see WNEP acknowledging Uncle Ted’s nomination. I am a horror host myself and Uncle Ted was my inspiration. I grew up watching The Ghoul School and now I have my own online show. I hope I do Uncle Ted proud.

    • Beth Raub Bessmer

      Thanks Gregg. Dad would be proud. I don’t think he had any idea of the number of lives he had an impact on.

  • David Tryzenski

    I love channel 16,but it’s a shame that after such a long association with WNEP, there is no footage of Uncle Ted’s body of work while at the station. He was a local favorite! :(

  • Frank DiRienzo

    A bit of history….Ted Raub, who portrayed “Uncle Ted”, was one of the US Army Rangers that stormed the beaches of Normandy in France on “D-Day” June 6 th, 1944 (During Old War II) .

    • Beth Raub Bessmer

      Uncle Ted, my father, was a member of the 82nd Airborne. Out of the five ‘jumps’ made in the European Theater during WWII, Dad made four of them. He was injured in Holland (his hands were burned) and part of his therapy was to work with a deck of playing cards. That’s where his interest in slight of hand began. :-)

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