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Potholes Plague Parking Lot in Bradford Towne Center

WYSOX TOWNSHIP – Pothole, after pothole, after yes – another pothole.  Drivers say it’s a massive problem at the Bradford Towne Center near Towanda.

Ruth Altemose of Dushore says she detoured all the way around the lot to get Kmart, but still couldn’t miss hitting a few holes.

“You can’t miss them because there’s too many of them and they’re too far across the road, even with my car I can’t miss them,” said Altemose.

“‘How big are these potholes?’ Big enough to go fishing in,” said Wayne Chapman of Wyalusing.

Chapman says he too swerves around the potholes in Bradford County that never seem to be repaired.

“This parking lot is terrible, it’s been getting worse for years, nobody ever really seems to fix it,” said Chapman.

George Murray of Wilmot Township says he only comes to this shopping strip once a month for dog food and would rather drive to Tunkhannock or Scranton to shop.

“They don’t take care of this place at all. It hasn’t been paved since they put it in here and it’s probably been over 10 years,” said Murray.

And while drivers work to dodge all of these potholes the owners of the Bradford Towne Center are dodging the issue all together.

Armstrong Management Corporation leases out retail space, but when Newswatch 16 called the owners to inquire about maintenance, they hung up.

Some businesses say these potholes are driving away customers.

“It’s pretty bad. I mean, it will swallow a small vehicle.  We’ve had a lot of customer complaints coming in here.  They stop with a flat tire because they hit a pothole out here in the parking lot and got a flat and come in,” said Kost Tire & Auto Center Manager Jon Dore.

As crews at Kost Tire & Auto work to keep up with tire repairs, they say there are plenty of other customers that won’t bring their car in this lot at all.

“Why would you want to drive your vehicle through a parking lot that will rip your car apart?  You know, if I was them I’d be trying to fix it.”


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