Potholes Plague Parking Lot in Bradford Towne Center

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP – Pothole, after pothole, after yes – another pothole.  Drivers say it’s a massive problem at the Bradford Towne Center near Towanda.

Ruth Altemose of Dushore says she detoured all the way around the lot to get Kmart, but still couldn’t miss hitting a few holes.

"You can’t miss them because there’s too many of them and they’re too far across the road, even with my car I can’t miss them,” said Altemose.

“‘How big are these potholes?’ Big enough to go fishing in,” said Wayne Chapman of Wyalusing.

Chapman says he too swerves around the potholes in Bradford County that never seem to be repaired.

"This parking lot is terrible, it’s been getting worse for years, nobody ever really seems to fix it,” said Chapman.

George Murray of Wilmot Township says he only comes to this shopping strip once a month for dog food and would rather drive to Tunkhannock or Scranton to shop.

"They don’t take care of this place at all. It hasn’t been paved since they put it in here and it’s probably been over 10 years,” said Murray.

And while drivers work to dodge all of these potholes the owners of the Bradford Towne Center are dodging the issue all together.

Armstrong Management Corporation leases out retail space, but when Newswatch 16 called the owners to inquire about maintenance, they hung up.

Some businesses say these potholes are driving away customers.

"It’s pretty bad. I mean, it will swallow a small vehicle.  We’ve had a lot of customer complaints coming in here.  They stop with a flat tire because they hit a pothole out here in the parking lot and got a flat and come in,” said Kost Tire & Auto Center Manager Jon Dore.

As crews at Kost Tire & Auto work to keep up with tire repairs, they say there are plenty of other customers that won’t bring their car in this lot at all.

"Why would you want to drive your vehicle through a parking lot that will rip your car apart?  You know, if I was them I’d be trying to fix it.”


  • Brandon Brown

    I No Longer Go to That Crap Hole since about a month ago I hit a pothole & cracked my radiator:/

  • bob smith

    unfortunately, when they do attempt to have them fixed, they hire imcompetent people with worn out equipment to do it, 60-90 day fix, (not to mention it takes them close to that long to fix them) they should hire someone worthy to do the job right, not that sealcoating outfit

  • Sandra Carr

    We were going to do our cold water challenge in the potholes in the Bradford Town Plaza but never had a chance…the potholes are so deep!!!

  • aimee

    Trust me, the Better Business Borough has been notified… probably by more than just one person… nothing is being done. It’s a quick drive to the Valley for super walmart and other food stores. No Bradford town center for this girl!!!

  • Fran

    The only way to get solution is with money. Maybe someone should look into building another plaza in Wysox and give these stores first dibs on rentals. There’s enough money floating around this county now that some local investors could profit on a new plaza. No one that knows the history at this plaza would every rent there. And they would have to sell & lose tons of money!!

  • Sandy

    Something has to be done with the owners of this plaza. I refuse to go there anymore, because I don’t want car repair bills. The owners of this plaza is what I like to call “SLUMLORDS”, And should be fined every week nobody is working on it to correct the problem. To Kmart’s defense, they did have their parking lot and road leading to them patched about a year or 2 ago. To my understanding, the owners of the plaza were not happy at that time, even though Kmart paid for it themselves.

  • Dawn

    It was reported that Kmart is going to pay fix their parking lot. They will pave up in the front part and fill in holes towards that back of the parking lot. This came from a reliable source at Kmart.

  • Jay

    I’ve worked in the plaza for 20 years and the parking lot has never been fixed properly, One problem is, IF the landlords do contact someone to do any repairs, they don’t get paid for the service so noone will come to fix anything, withholding rent doesnt help either, most stores there take it upon themselves to get repairs done. Please dont give up on the stores we are trying, however just like the news, we get no responce from Armstrong

  • Mary

    maybe the Armstrong-Realty needs to be turned into the better business bureau about the problems and see then if the problems aren’t addressed and fixed. Nobody likes it when the BBB gets involved.

  • keytonic

    Maybe the Bradford town center will get lucky and Chesapeake Energy will put a well right in the middle of the parking lot and pave the rest real nice like

  • keytonic

    I think the funniest part is that they won’t actually fix it, instead they will tar and chip it and call it good!

  • GJones

    Folks… these people are investors, businessmen. They don’t care about your cars, your safety, or your opinions. They don’t care about the news stories, the emails, or the complaints. They don’t care about their tenants or the customers of their tenants. What they care about is getting their check. Money. That’s it. Period. The public needs to put the pressure on the business owners to put the pressure on their slumlord. As sad as it is, the businesses either need to fold or they need to go to court and fight. Follow the money. Put a chokehold on the money. Thats the answer.

  • Hank Henfling

    The management company was sent an e-mail today , lets see if they respond .If someone gets seriously injured because of their negligence I’m sure they would respond ..

  • Skeptic

    I’m not sure if it’s the same with a business as it is with residential, but I do believe that tenants can pay their rent into an escrow account if the landlord refuses to fix unsafe conditions, with the escrow to release after the issues are satisfied. Might be something to look into, seeing as the owners have arrogantly made it blatantly obvious that they’re not interested in maintaining the property. That parking lot and property in general is despicable. I absolutely refuse to shop there and gladly plan trips to the valley or Elmira when I need something, if for nothing else than the principal, but also to save my vehicle and ankles from the potholes that are deceivingly deep. Not fair to the business owners, but thats not my problem.

  • Robin Smith-lutz

    My family had a business located in that plaza(Serpico Pizza). Small family owned/operated for 11 years. Over the last 2 years the peopl have boycotted the plaza…our business dropped off to nothing after the workers from Energy Companies left in mass last summer. We were actually forced to close our business due to lack of customers due to extremely poor conditions at Bradford Towne Center. The landlords fix nothing…we have letters, e mails, pictures, over 11 years asking them to repair broken doors, leaking roof, broken leaking gutter that floods and freezes area in front of our store….they yessed us to death and did nothing. We’d love to find an attorney would who help us sue them for the loss of our business. Being small all family they really hurt us.

  • Rob

    This Shopping center was put in back in 1993 and the parking lot has not been Paved since then… No one can get the landlords to do anything… maybe its time for the businesses to stop paying rent till it is repaired or repaved,

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