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Dansbury Depot : A Community Stop

EAST STROUDSBURG — Once the center of a battle to preserve a historic building, the Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg has not only risen from the ashes after a destructive fire. It’s now refurbished and open to the community to enjoy.

“It’s beautiful, the original stained glass is still here and what was burned out by the fire, they were able to reproduce,” said Susan Randall, downtown manager for the Eastburg Community Alliance.

It was back in October of 2009 when the Dansbury Depot was destroyed by fire. The fire marshal ruled the cause undetermined.

A year later and after a few fights to preserve the building, crews from a company outside Reading moved the train station to its current home, a few hundred feet from where it once stood.

Inside the building today, it looks like new with locally constructed woodwork, new light fixtures and most of the original stained glass.

It’s ready for the community to enjoy, thanks to a group known as the Eastburg Community Alliance.

“We will be hosting small seasonal festivals, hopefully fall foliage train rides, if we can partner with Steamtown,” said Randall.

The Dansbury Depot, with its renovated interior and its historically preserved exterior, is no longer an eyesore for the East Stroudsburg area. Rather, it’s serving as an inspiration for the downtown community.

“It’s a joy to be inside of it and I consider it as sort of a sister pulse with us and I’m grateful to have it back in our lives,” said Jill Elizabeth, the owner and designer of Liz Tech Jewelry.

Liz Tech Jewelry is one of the nearby businesses inspired by the revitalization of the Dansbury Depot. This business, which has been in operation for 30 years making hand-crafted jewelry, sees the Dansbury Depot improving downtown.

“We’re all doing our best to make it neighborhood friendly. I love having the farmer’s market here. I’d like to have a book exchange or flea market. All that can happen within the depot,” said Elizabeth.

To make sure the Dansbury Depot continues to serve the community, the Eastburg Community Alliance gladly accepts donations.


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