Attempted Child Luring Case in Scranton

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  • RJ

    I lay blame at both ends. Someone should have someone walking with them, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. On the other hand the district has these kids walking! Even though Scranton is broke, if it has money to spend on other things that we can’t afford, why not put a few buses out there to get the kids home safe?

  • Dottie

    Maybe if they would make harsher punishment on people that Hurt children n sexually abuse th maybe. They will think twice before doing such things. They get off to easy

  • Jessica

    Scranton seems like its getting worse and worse… was born and raised in Scranton pa. you cant do now what we did back in the day…parents need to start having block safe houses and have someone walk with the kids on the way home. I know a lot of parents that are 2 job family but they also need to think of the safety and security of your child. makes me worry about my nieces and nephews =(

  • susan

    Do you know how many 2 parent working families there are? Couple that with the fact that Scranton does not have district wide busing and you will have many 3rd, 4th 5th grade students walking home by themselves. Do not solely blame the parents. Its either work or be homeless for some of them. Its scary. How many of u volunteer your time to help a struggling family? Or do you just point fingers? This is scary. And it is scariest to those families that have children who walk.

  • Concerned

    Kids shouldn’t be walking home by themselves or even just with other kids these days. I’m not trying to judge others but I personally would not allow my child to walk from school at that age! Can’t trust anyone nowadays

  • lolo

    What ever happened to the safe block parent house I remember being in certain towns in the 70’s or 80’s? Scranton and other areas should look into this, especially in areas where children walk home from schools unattended.

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