Company Growth and 250 New Jobs in Luzerne County

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- The company C3i Inc. announced on Tuesday that it is expanding. This coming June, it'll be set to open a new facility near Pittston, its third location here in Luzerne County, and company executives are looking to fill more than 250 job openings.

The now-empty space will be furnished and filled with hundreds of working people in a matter of months.

Technical support company C3i Inc. announced plans to expand and add 256 jobs.

"What this location enables us to do is provide high-quality people, great infrastructure for these global pharmaceutical companies that have very demanding criteria," said C3i CEO and co-founder Joel Morse.

C3i offers technical support to pharmaceutical companies around the world. They have one facility in Plains.  The new building in Jenkins Township will be a call center just down the road from its other location in the CenterPoint Commerce and Trade Park.

The 25,000 square feet of space is where the new facility will be up and running hopefully by June, and hiring starts immediately.

"Entry-level and level-two call center jobs, and what we're also looking for are supervisors," said Morse.

Entry-level workers should expect to make about $11 an hour. Supervisors and managers will make anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 a year.

Robert Klein of Wilkes-Barre says he's interested in applying.

"I put a lot of applications in, and I didn't get any call backs or anything like that. It's really difficult. I work with my brother less than part-time as a carpenter," said Robert Klein of Wilkes-Barre.

"I think it's good for the economy around here, and people will be able to get back to work and that's what the country needs," said Bill Hogan, of Wilkes-Barre.

"Greater Pittston is experiencing what some might call a renaissance. I've had great love and regard for this community my entire life, but I think others are starting to see what a tremendous community we have here," said Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce president Joseph Burke.

The first 100 jobs will be filled as soon as possible. The rest will be added over the next few years. If you're interested in applying, head to the C3i web site.


  • JoesBatchFile

    It’s really quite disgusting how they treat us. We had off some days around Thanksgiving. Some people were happy to have off some days, but it really was a bad time for most of us because they don’t pay holiday pay to most of us. The biggest slap in the face was that c3i did not provide us with any type of paid lunch/meal for the holiday. They actually had us (employees) cook up food and bring that in for other employees to eat. A week or two later many of those workers were layed off. *BEND OVER

  • sanitizinganne

    Couldn’t agree more joesbatchfile. I’ve worked there a total of three years and never once treated fairly . To everyone out there that’s oblivious , yes, having new jobs to an area is great thing and as well , I was very excited to start working there but, let’s be real. I have 2 decades in computer from stone age to now, along with a degree in engineering and I find it insulting how they exploit people, sure your thinking blah blah blah be gratefull but I could careless about the job its about respect and getting what you deserve and c3i will never give you that. They won’t even give anyone raise but ,Joel Morse goes on about how much more a year he’s lining his pockets and they pay no property tax or anything and for naye sayers. They only have a couple years left on those buildings before they have to start paying and say good bye.

  • JoesBatchFile

    I have been working at C3i for about 2 years. I have a college degree in computers and was very excited to start working at c3i. I was hired at 11.00 per hour and almost 2 years later I am still at 11.00 per hour. C3i does not give me sick time, vacation time, holiday pay, or anything that a normal employee gets…… Thanks c3i *sarcasm*

  • EyeInTheSky

    Thank you for creating hundreds of near minimum wage jobs. This should truly help our local economy and ensure lower crime rates. Please bring more to our community, there are still forests left that need to be demolished.

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