Alleged Thrill Killer Transferred to State Prison

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Miranda Barbour was behind bars at the Northumberland County Prison since December. She and her husband, Elytte, are accused of killing a man they met on Craigslist just for the thrill of it.

Now, Miranda has a new home: the state prison near Muncy. She was transferred there Friday evening.

The transfer was discussed at today's Northumberland County's monthly prison board meeting in Sunbury. Northumberland County Prison Warden Roy Johnson called Barbour's presence at the jail "disruptive".

"It made it very, very difficult to focus on all the issues of all the inmates when you have one inmate who has that many needs," Johnson said.

Northumberland County Commissioner Rick Schoch says Barbour was transferred mainly because excessive media attention caused security issues. He says media requests to interview Barbour were overwhelming.

"Issues that arose out of some of the heavy media coverage that this received. It posed some security issues to keep her in there," Schoch said.

Miranda Barbour did give one jailhouse interview where she claimed to kill more than 20 people. That started the media frenzy. Now the county solicitor is drafting a new policy for face to face visits with inmates.

"It gives them the ability to exercise to speak to the press, but doesn't burden the prison and the staff," Schoch said.

Since Miranda Barbour left the Northumberland County Prison, her husband Elytte will be transferred here. Schoch says this will save Northumberland County taxpayers money since it costs about $100 a day to house Elytte at the Columbia County Prison.

"It was costing us more to house him in Columbia County than it will cost us to house her in Muncy," Schoch said.

Investigators say they still have not found any evidence to back up Miranda Barbour's claim to have killed at least 22 people in different states.


  • Rob

    It is likely a ploy cooked up by her attorney, as I doubt she is smart enough. I doubt insanity is the reason, because any of the killings took planning. It is more likely a ploy to keep her alive in the event the death penalty is sought, as authorities will waste money trying to find out if any of her allegations are true and during which time they will not execute. A death sentence is not carried out the way it should be, over a period of years, rather than the minute after the verdict is read.

  • s a amento

    would not be I 1st time scaella the daily item reportor lied about something just to try to get a story maybe wnep should take a hard look at him

  • Leish

    They only moved her because of money…not because of security issues….how will the “media” aspect change once her husband is moved?

  • Nursing Student

    @ Mike- it is not totally up to Mr. Rosini, several people are involved in a decision like that. Oh yeah, I think the pasta remark was mean’t for good ol’ Mr. Clausi ;-)

    • Mike

      They’re all crooks in Northumberland County. Vinny should have been fired several times in the past 2 years. He should have never been commissioner in the first place, He sold drugs and was a bookie for years and can barley read or write English. How he got that position is a mystery and for investigators to figure out so eventually he’ll spend his last days on Earth in a prison cell.

  • B

    I don’t think she killed 22 people, I think that is all a lie that her attorney is telling her to say so she can cliam she is “insane”.

    • Mike

      Rosini doesn’t have much to do with anything. He’s been running his position blind for the last few decades. Overpaid and useless is what Tony Rosini is.

  • Mike

    Good job, Tony Rosini! It only took you a few weeks to get that wack job out of Northumberland County. Give yourself a pat on the back and get a big plate of pasta.

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