Winter Car Woes: Dings & Dents

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The winter weather can really make our cars look cruddy.  For some drivers, it`s not just kicking around the idea of when to clean your car, it`s figuring out the best time to make it look like it did before winter hit after it might have been socked by a lot more than just snow and ice.

It`s being billed as the snowiest February in our area since 1914!  So far, more than 50 inches of the white stuff has piled up since the start of the winter season!  And with it, mother nature`s mess has brought plenty of dings, dents and damage to our cars.

"People have hit everything. Snow banks, deer, bear, turkey, each other," said Anthony Cartesio.

Cartesio owns Collision Precision in Monroe County.  He said he has been working almost non-stop for weeks at his auto repair shop in Pocono Pines.

"There are a lot more wrecks of course this year from last year," said Cartesio.

If you roughed up your ride this winter when should you get it fixed? The experts said it really all depends if it`s drivable or not.

"If the headlight is not broken, or a windshield, or a rim, or a tire and you`re able to drive the car normally, wait until the winter is done," said Cartesio.

That way if you do hold out, you can avoid those body shop backups and get your ride fixed in less time come spring.

Before going into any repair shop, review your insurance policy especially your deductible.  If it costs $250 to fix your car and your collision deductible is $500, you pay the bill, not the insurance company.

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