Still Fighting The Storm’s Effects

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POTTSVILLE -- Besides the piles of snow left behind by a series of winter storms, the cold and ice have created massive potholes in communities all over the area.

Pottsville is just one of them  dealing with the issue.

We found heavy equipment still scooping up and hauling away snow near downtown Pottsville.  A block away another crew has the job of filling in potholes. Street Superintendent Dan Kelly knows that hundreds litter the city streets.

"It's a lot worse with the freezing and thawing, in my 24 years with the city this is about the worst year I've ever seen." Kelly said.

Robert Benedict who works for Kelly agrees.

"A lot of cold days you get cold days and it freezes underneath and pushes them right up." Benedict explained.

Pothole patcher Tom Whitaker said conditions today were prefect to fill in the craters.

"It sticks a lot better when it's dry and it's not going to be raining or snowing in 24 hours before or after it tends to stick a little better than ."

Some drivers including Merlyn Jenkins have felt the potholes' effects.  2 hub caps from his car are missing.

"I hit some potholes and the hub caps rolled off so a small token of this storm. Reporter: at least you didn't blow a tire. Answer: that`s true sir or so any other damage." Jenkins said.

Dan Kelly said there are other dangers these pothole patchers face, long hours and fatigue on busy streets.

"You get complacent, you get tired, you get forgetful where you`re at, it`s just a safety issue ."

City crews because of the weather conditions can only do temporary repairs. When it warms up in the spring, they'll be back to make the fixes permanent.