Some COLTS Bus Routes Changed Because of Rough Roads

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---Two COLTS bus routes in Lackawanna County have been detoured to avoid potholes and rough patches of roadway in Scranton.

On Boulevard Avenue, large potholes have created travelling trouble.

The COLTS #52 Carbondale route has been changed to avoid that stretch of roadway.

The bus will now use Olyphant Avenue to Pancoast Street due to the road conditions on Boulevard Avenue in Scranton.

"When you're riding them and the buses hit them, you get swung back and forth and it's a mess. I've taken the Carbondale one and it's horrendous," said Roy Propes of Olyphant.

COLTS bus officials said so far, there has not been any serious damage to buses, but there have been problems with the suspension systems and tires losing air because of hitting rough spots.

"The potholes are popping up everywhere, all the way up Capouse Avenue, anywhere you go," said COLTS driver John Oshanick.

"The potholes are crazy out here, they need to get them fixed. Especially on Boulevard Avenue going towards Throop. It's like Baghdad over there," laughed Kevin McGovern.

In addition to the Carbondale route, part of the Lafayette bus route was changed to avoid Van Buren Avenue.

The #36 Lafayette bus will use Grant Avenue in Scranton between Washburn Street and Lafayette Street on both the outbound and inbound routes due to the road conditions and construction.

People who live along this route said the road was torn up in December for water company work and just recently repaved. Still, it is a bumpy ride.

"You can see in the road already it's starting to crack. The buses were sinking pretty deep, every time they would come up, twice an hour up and down the street and my car now has hit so many potholes in the city that the sensors in the tires can no longer talk to the tire pressure gauge," said resident Mike Gibbons.

Bus company officials said the detours are in effect until further notice, until those potholes get filled or until the road gets a little smoother.

"I think that's a good thing because you hit one pothole, you might be stuck here, people need to go where they need to go, so I think that's a good thing," said Matthew Varela of Scranton.