Police Go Door to Door in Lansford

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LANSFORD – Police in Carbon County went door to door in Lansford Monday as part of their investigation into a weekend shooting.

The shooting along Patterson Street happened with children inside the house and left two people in critical condition.

Police say an argument between Melissa Price and Levi Zagata sparked the shooting Saturday night.

Just days after the shooting, police in Lansford returned looking for answers, going door to door looking for anyone who heard or saw anything suspicious.

"We stood here on the porch and kind of just watched it all happen, we heard the ambulance guys say ‘multiple gunshot victims,’” said Christy Rabold of Lansford.

Rabold lives two doors down from where the shooting happened along West Patterson Street.   Melissa Price and Levi Zagata were both shot Saturday night during a domestic dispute while several kids between the ages of 4 and 12 were inside, according to police.

"There’s four kids that live there, two of them are babies. My son played with the youngest over the summer and having a child it is a little frightening,” said Rabold.

Seth Rabold also watched as his neighbors were taken away by ambulance.  Days later he says his thoughts are still with the kids who heard the dispute between their mother and uncle.

"My heart goes out to them because I have a kid of my own and I wouldn’t want him to witness anything like that,” said Seth Rabold.

The neighbor who called 911 the night of that shooting in Lansford told Newswatch 16 one of those kids knocked on his door petrified, was visibly shaking and wasn’t making much sense when trying to explain what had just happened.

Police do say this isn’t the first time they’ve had trouble at this home in Carbon County.

"They’ve had some other calls here but it was nothing of this serious nature, nothing that would tip us that this was imminent or going to occur,” said Lansford Police Detective Sergeant Jack Soberick.

Now as only a few pieces of police tape remain, neighbors say they too are still trying to figure out what sparked the shooting.

"They argued a lot, the police were there all the time for you know, different things but it was definitely not what we were expecting,” said Rabold.

At last check, police say both Price and Zagata were still in the hospital.  Officers have not indicated when or if any charges may be filed.

Officers say the four children inside the home are now staying with relatives.


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