State Police: Residents Stay in Homes in Barrett and Price Townships
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Infant’s Father Charged With Attempted Homicide

SCRANTON — A father already facing charges for allegedly shaking his infant daughter so hard she stopped breathing is now accused of trying to kill the two-month-old.

Police in Scranton filed more serious charges against the father Monday.

Scranton Police charged 21-year-old Josh Simon of Scranton with attempted homicide late Monday afternoon. Police said nearly two weeks ago, when his two-month-old daughter stopped breathing, wasn’t the only time Simon violently shook the baby.

Simon admitted to shaking the baby back on February 12th, and hitting her in the face because he said she wouldn’t stop crying.

But, doctors who are treating the baby found evidence that she was abused before.

According to court papers, Simon admitted he shook the child and hit her in the face a total of five times at the family’s home on Sanderson Avenue in Scranton.

Scranton Police decided Monday to charge Simon with attempted homicide in addition to the earlier charge of aggravated assault.

Simon was arraigned on the attempted homicide charge inside the Lackawanna County Prison where he’s been since February 12th.

His daughter is still hospitalized at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. Police said the baby girl’s condition is improving.


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