Infant’s Father Charged With Attempted Homicide

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SCRANTON -- A father already facing charges for allegedly shaking his infant daughter so hard she stopped breathing is now accused of trying to kill the two-month-old.

Police in Scranton filed more serious charges against the father Monday.

Scranton Police charged 21-year-old Josh Simon of Scranton with attempted homicide late Monday afternoon. Police said nearly two weeks ago, when his two-month-old daughter stopped breathing, wasn't the only time Simon violently shook the baby.

Simon admitted to shaking the baby back on February 12th, and hitting her in the face because he said she wouldn't stop crying.

But, doctors who are treating the baby found evidence that she was abused before.

According to court papers, Simon admitted he shook the child and hit her in the face a total of five times at the family's home on Sanderson Avenue in Scranton.

Scranton Police decided Monday to charge Simon with attempted homicide in addition to the earlier charge of aggravated assault.

Simon was arraigned on the attempted homicide charge inside the Lackawanna County Prison where he's been since February 12th.

His daughter is still hospitalized at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. Police said the baby girl's condition is improving.


  • shwn

    This guy is a complete filthy unhearted piece of s**t!! To physically try to shake a poor little infant child to death! People like him should not even be able serve time in prison because their still alive and will get out. Time in prison is not enough for these scumbags. They need the death penalty right away!!

  • Cindy

    I totally agree this piece of crap should rot in jail!!! And if the mother knew he was abusing this poor little angel then she should rot along side him!!! Where were the grandparents too!??????

  • beth

    they dont bring the baby to someone when they think they are stressed and going to harm the child because,THEY WONT GET THEIR CHECK!!!

  • Heather

    This is nothing new now a days thankgod the poor baby girl survived Praying she has a full recovery . Even animals treat their babies better !!!! I wonder what has happened to the human race

  • Gem

    Stories like this make me sick to my stomach. I just can’t comprehend how someone could hurt an innocent baby like that. And I find it really hard to believe this mother didnt know something was going on..

  • Courtney

    Scum Bag!!! If you don’t want the baby or feel like you are going to harm it then take it somewhere before you do something bad!! I mean come on people, babys cry!!! That’s how they tell you that they need or want something!! I hope someone in jail kills this man!!! He deserves it, what kind of person is this! And where is the mother who let this happen! WTF people wake up!!!!

  • jamie

    yes why is the mother not even mentioned in this? where is she now and more importantly where was she when he was doing this? this child should be in protective custody placed for adoption with people who will love her not hurt her far from these animals. as for mom and dad both should be “fixed” to prevent future children from being treated the same way.

      • CCKM

        @heather and Jamie, follow the FB profiles, and either they’re so traumatized to talk about it in a way that would make sense to some of us, or they are unbelievably oblivious.
        I understand that son is HER baby, but really? that son would no longer be my son…if that makes me a heartless person, so be it. I think that we are inherently programmed to protect the innocent, not the monsters. He is a monster.
        Just recently the paternal grandmother had a photo of the baby wearing a “daddy’s little girl” bib?!?!? heart breaks for this baby, and if this guy ever gets out I hope someone puts him out.

    • CCKM

      The attempted homicide charge was in addition to the existing charge of aggravated assault. Uber-loser, waste of life..people like this should just disappear..

  • Kathy

    Total piece of scum! Just because you know can make a bay DOES NOT make you a FATHER! He should be publically castrated and left out to bleed to death. I’d be willing to hold the knife!

  • Your name here

    There are no words in the English language to describe what
    kind of dirt bag this guy is…No matter what his punishment may be,
    It is not enough.

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