Former Chief Talks About His Future

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FRACKVILLE -- A former police chief spoke out Monday about moving on after he settled with the Schuylkill County borough where he worked.

Months after a profanity-laced YouTube video put Mark Kessler in the national spotlight, the former police chief spoke about the whole controversy.

“I have thought about that a lot both in the public eye and at home and I don't really know if I would have did things differently. It is what it is and it's just moving forward now,” Kessler said.

Kessler was suspended from his job as the borough's police chief last July for allegedly using Gilberton's guns without permission.

Last week Kessler retired and promised not to sue in exchange for $30,000.

Kessler also talked about his next move: a possible reality TV show.

“A daily show that will be taped and stuff like that but we might travel around,” he said.

Kessler signed a contract for a reality TV show however there is no guarantee it will ever appear on the air.

“What he and his group is to be a guardian of the Constitution or guardian of things that they believe in but by legal means, voting,” explained Kessler’s attorney Joe nahas. “More of a protector or guardian, not a tyrant or someone (to) overthrow government.”

Mark Kessler also is a member of the North Schuylkill School Board. Kessler was asked if his video's send the wrong message to students.

“I've been there for two years and I've been doing a good job and want to stay there. I want to keep the checks and balances, I guess you could say,” Kessler said. “I do a good job on the school board. I do a better job than the other school board members, I can tell you that.”

Kessler says he won't resign his school board position and looks forward to his future and a possible reality TV show.


  • mdog

    He’s actually against police brutality,
    some training methods being used today.
    The media does not report on that
    just the “wow” factor. Plus the fact he donated
    those guns to the township. Then borrowed them.
    Not once ever did he shoot any body,

  • KC

    why did they settle with this clown for 30K? If he was using the borough’s guns for personal use, they had the right to suspend / fire him.

    • Red Tornado Exile

      Geisinger saved my life in November 1973, janitors keep that great hospital running well and clean, they deserve our respect. Their jobs are important and they do them well. Some Chiefs are ego buffs and should stay away from respectful work done by Geisinger janitors.
      Kessler will fade into reality tv, Geisinger janitors will be great, responsible community members, the Coal Region will be back in balance. Respect support staff.
      I really want to watch Former Chief Kessler on TV. May the second amendment survive Kessler’s damage to it through extreme behavior. May North Schuylkill School District survive…

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