Danville’s New Floodgate System Tested Out

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DANVILLE -- One borough in Montour County has some newly installed protection against future flooding.

Danville was left under several feet of water during the flood of 2011 and Monday night borough officials put its new flood gates through some tests.

As night fell in Danville, workers began the tedious process of assembling the newly installed flood gate system that will go up at the openings of Route 11 where it crosses over Mahoning Creek.

Since the gates must be put together piece by piece each time they are used, borough officials wanted to see how long it takes for crews to put it together.

“To give our emergency crews a chance to practice installing the closure and time ourselves to see how long it takes to install this, get it together and get it ready for a flood,” said Dan Knorr, Danville’s administrator of government affairs.

Danville was just one of many areas that was left with millions of dollars of damage during the flood of September 2011.

Mahoning Creek flooded areas around Routes 11 and 54, including Danville Middle School.

Students had to go to school somewhere else for the rest of that school year.

“I was sad because I was an eighth grader and I had to go up to a different  school and it was a little weird up there because that was my elementary school too, so that was interesting,” said Sara Klena, who is now in  high school.

During that flood, sandbags were the only line of defense along Mahoning Creek, which failed to keep the water at bay.

“Our kids came down to help sandbag along Route 11 and I felt like it was a little Dutch Boy putting his finger in the hole because you could tell that particular area was going to be easy to breach,” said Kimberly Burke.

Construction of the flood gate system began last summer to the cost of $1.5 million state dollars.

People here say they`re grateful for the added sense of security.

“Good, feel a little bit safer in town and it seems a lot safer,” said Frank Rogers.

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