Administrative Director Resigns After Internal Investigation

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PRINGLE --- Nancy Tkatch, administrative director of the West Side Career and Technology Center in Luzerne County, resigned Monday night.

According to the Citizens' Voice Newspaper, an internal investigation turned up questionable charges on one of the center's credit cards.

According to the school's website, the career and technology center provided technological training for high school-aged students in Luzerne County.

So far charges have not been filed against Tkatch.


  • fergus fostgate

    How things are different between Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. She has only a questionable charge and gets called on it and the recently retired director at Lackawanna has a multitude of questionable dealings and their board doesn’t give a da**. The taxpayers of Lackawanna Co. were getting a soaking by him!!!! HEY WEST SIDE BOARD-TAKE NOTE……….MINNIE VINNIE MIGHT BE APPLYING FOR THE JOB. BEWARE!!!!!!!!

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