Three Arrested for Allegedly Breaking Into Vehicles

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ASHLEY — Three people are locked up for allegedly stealing from at least 10 vehicles in Ashley and the surrounding area.

Police said the vehicles were broken into early Friday morning. Later that day, Jarod Hospodar, Jeremiah Shepherd, and a juvenile were arrested.

According to officers, money, GPS devices, and other items were taken. Most of the items were recovered.

Hospodar and Shepherd are in the Luzerne County prison, and the juvenile was taken to a detention center.


  • anonymous

    These kids are nothing but scum I know then from my old bmx days. There all drug addicts. I had 2 dirt bikes stolen out of my house a cupple years ago there seams to be a trend of ppl saying these kids stole them wouldn’t surprise me if it was them I hope they all rit in jail as long as possable.nothing but scummy dope heads..

  • linda

    these kids are rotten I know the jarrod h he stays at my daughters house police should go there and look for more stuff 3 call were made to Ashley and what did they do they never called them back but Ashley never does anything unless it helps them you report things and the chief over looks it had my time talking to him about my kid they do nothing but yet they set people up that police force needs a better chief and better cops that don’t get arrested for dui that’s the kind of cops that run ashley

  • Chris

    Hospodar and another kid named josh roccograndi stole a dirt bike from my house last summer. The 2 were charges with the crime. Hospodar is supposed to pay restitution but have not received a dime yet. For Rocco there was as bench warrant out for him because he never showed up for the hearings. He should have been in jail a long time ago. Hope he stays there

  • CCKM

    Additional charges should be brought against the two “adults” for involving a minor in their stupidity. None of them will learn anything if all they get is probation without additional compensation if not locked up for any given time!

  • laura1004

    Jarod is not native to the area. He lives in the west side. He was arrested in June for stealing 3 dirt bikes from the patch!!!

    • CCKM

      Ha! I should’ve added what you us said! I was gonna say if they don’t do time, they will just repeat the crime! But thanks for confirming that! Isn’t often what happens? I guess it makes some kind of sense being our prisons are so full to give non-violent criminals a chance to right themselves. My guess is that 50% of the time it doesn’t fly that way.

    • mdog

      These names are far to familiar.
      I’m sad for all party’s involved.
      Young men need to learn early how to
      make a honest paycheck.How to live
      clean from drugs and respect others
      private property.

  • Looking out for PA

    First off i believe there needs to be a harsher punishment for offenders. Also i believe criminals instead of sitting in jail need to go out fix roads, fix parks actually get something done like they use to. That would change a good portion of these criminals. We are too cushy in this country.

    • CCKM

      I was saying that to the husband too! It’s nice to hear some people have a clue and answers and ideas as to how to resolve the problems of the rise in crime and the lack of ethics and respect these individuals have towards themselves and society. They will never become productive members of society if not shown another course of action to take, and/or learn that there will be serious consequences for their actions.

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