State Police Searching for Man Who May be Hurt

HAWLEY -- State police are looking for a missing man in Wayne County.

Richard Calvitti of Hawley was last heard from Saturday morning.

State police found Calvitti's car, with blood in the backseat, at Bingham Park in Hawley.

Troopers do not suspect foul play, but do believe Calvitti is injured.

Water rescue teams were brought in to search the Lackawaxen River as well.

According to relatives, Calvitti struggled with depression.


  • Lyndsay

    Whether this was murder or suicide or someone that just needed to get away lets not make false accusations. The only truth we know is that he is missing and needs to be found. We all have to say prayers for his safe return and prayers for his family.

  • jaime curtis

    ok i do not belive this was succied i was in hawley today this was murder
    if he was going to kill him self he would not leave the car after stabbing him self this was obviusly murder if the boddy is missing and no one noticed him like he didnt jump he didnt runn away i belive he got murderd i dont think richard commited succied

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