Road Deteriorating in Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- A stretch of road between Gibson and New Milford is in bad shape.

Drivers said they had to drive on the wrong side of Route 547 to get by the damage on the curvy road.

The road is heavily traveled by fracking and fresh water truck traffic from nearby gas drilling sites.

There is no word when the road will be repaired in Susquehanna County.


  • Vera Scroggins

    most of the roads in our county, Susquehanna , are worse than ever and barely able to be traveled. Hundreds and Thousands of 40 ton or better trucks on these roads are breaking them down quickly and a rough winter. Our county and townships can not keep up with the damage. Even our county seat, Montrose, is full of potholes and breakdown; Embarrassing; We supposedly have all this gas “wealth” and can’t see any evidence of it….

  • Edi

    I didn’t read all the comments, but that is nothing compared to the northern part of Rt. 29. Both sides are that bad.

  • Donna

    I travel SR 547 daily.Between Friday-2/21 and Sunday 2/23 the road heading into Gibson has practically disappeared. This is not “pot holes” the road has literally disappeared. Between that and idiots who think it is okay to speed down the road on the opposite side it is very dangerous. I was almost hit twice by the same idiot…don’t let me find out who you are. And yes it not only the up and down weather BUT ALSO the water trucks! Driving on the road yesterday we could see a water truck driving down the middle of the road to avoid the mess that they have helped create.

  • Guy

    What a hell, I’ll join the frustrated bunch of motorists in this ‘great’ state. For anyone that doesn’t leave home much (NEPA) let me tell you as long as i can remember the road in our area were complete garbage. I went to college in Shippensburg PA and the roads were great, I go to maryland, the roads are great, Just went to Jersey yestersday, not one problem with potholes. My point NEPA is a blackhole. Corruption, gangbangers, drugs, roads that are joke, horrible weather 7 months of the year… if I can get another job somewhere else I’M GONE! The communities are just crumbling away, old houses, scummy people (not even walmart quality). I ride a motorcycle, however might not even be worth risking my life swerving around potholes. I literally can not ride my bike on I-81, for fear of death, potholes and rutts in the road will kill you on a motorcycle. Time for our great elected leader to take some pride in themselves and launch a major campaign to fix the roads around here, our I promise you will hear of deaths caused by the roads

  • pasissy1

    Oooo well! Can’t have both, yo nitwits want mailbox money… I say deal with it! Waaaah no drill 9 mile in Dimock and Wasaaaah no drill in NY haaaa haaaa to both, bunch of cry babies!

  • curt

    If the snowplows push the snow banks back so the water could drain into what little ditches there are would help to. If there out driving around or sitting sleeping in there trucks when its not snowing… they should have time to do things the right way. Wich they dont because they hire someone that has no idea what there doing train them for a day and send them out.

  • curt

    penndot should try digging ditches so the water has someplace to run. Instead of sitting on or under the road. Its the gas traffics fault right? because they use the road more. Penndot needs people that know how to do there job and actually care about doin it. Its not just susquehanna co. Its the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Lisa

    I would like to know how much money the gas companies are paying to the state to drill and use the roadways in Susquehanna County. And why is that money not staying in Susquehanna County to fix our roads. The roads that the companies have fixed before the state got greedy and wanted more money are better than what the state does when they fix them and 10 x quicker in doing them. It would have been better to let the gas companies repair the roads that they drove on, then to have the state collect more in taxes and do such a poor job in maintaining our roads.

  • Jonathan M.

    “…no word if truck traffic or the weather us to blame”?? It’s both. Don’t need to be a genius to figure that one out. This winter has been very harsh on all roads.

  • Brett Jennings

    The 4500 depends on the truck, but yes this number is right for most trucks. The issue is which roads are built to be unlimited use and which ones have weight limits. It is also the time of year when the freeze thaw cycle is present. Lesser built roads will suffer, but well built roads will be ok to a point. Just think, why did COG order so many weight limit signs to prepare for the municipalities in Susquehanna County. If a company posts the about $12,000 bond for each mile and there is damage it would not cover the repairs, but an agreement works better. Penn Dot roads have never been the greatest here, and the original construction did not ever envision the traffic that they are now seeing. A road is designed for a certain number of trips and as it has more trips at higher weights that number declines rapidly. As it needs repairs, delays also have an significantly increased cost to repair. Who pays, well everyone in taxes for Penn Dot roads that are damaged. Township roads will most likely be done with an agreement. Just have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to be safe driving here.

  • Rachel

    My opinion is penndot needs to fix the roads the right way! Patching holes is not fixing them. From what I see penndot patches holes with mounds of stuff then winter comes plow trucks basically plow there patch job up and takes more road with it! Yes roads r traveled on more now but seriously. You can’t blame water trucks for cheap easy fixes done by penndot. Do it right the first time!!!!!

    • Edward

      Not only that, but ALL roads, bridges, pipelines of all sorts, etc. I would create a TON of JOBS, but no we need to put all our budget into defense to fight invisible enemies.

  • Name

    all the roads are messed up. This is what happens when politians give friends state jobs and all they do is strip 1 inch and pave over the old. 80% of the pot holes from this winter are just old pot holes resurfacing. You need to strip out the old road and make the base better. Or keeping doing it this way so the tax payers can fork over more money. Considering the million dollar tree house that doesn’t even have 100k worth the material and are police avg a higher pay rate in scranton than Baltimore police I would asume the later will happen again.

  • Donna

    The roads have never been great, but the combination of bad roads and heavy trucks have made the roads nearly impossible to drive on. The people drilling will even tell you this. They have paid large sums of money for the roads repaired and are upset that nothing has been done because it’s making it dangerous for their drivers too. Maybe WNEP could do some investigative journalism and find out what is going on. On heard Montrose is on their list of places that have funds directly paid to them and then the gas companies have started asking them questions about the roads not being fixed after they paid all that money.

  • Susan

    the state has given an Impact Fee to municipalities in the area to help them repair damaged roads due to the gas industry. What is your municipality doing with theirs?

  • Tired of this

    While Susquehanna’s roads have never been great, they’ve only gotten worse with all the gas truck traffic. My road has always been largely ignored despite being a state route, but its never gotten this bad this quickly. When the gas company was constructing the pad across from the house – with the pathway entrance right next to our mailbox – the trucks heaved the road in front of our car port so badly we couldn’t use it without possible damage to the car and it took several complaints before they took a roller to it to flatten it out again. Whether some people like to admit it or not, the gas trucks only quicken the deterioration of the county’s roads. The companies pick and choose which roads to fix leaving some, like the one in the picture, to continually become worse. If they’re going to fix the roads they damage they need to fix all of them.

    • Jim shuster

      Agree 100% only going to get worse around here.. They don’t care as they do not live around here plus they all have company trucks that some one pays the repair bills on……

  • Jim shuster

    Drive any road in Susquehanna county that is traveled by the gas company and they are all in bad shape…… I live between 848 and 547 and both roads are like a dirt road, heck I live on a dirt road in harford township and my road is better but then again I do not have gas traffic. All this gas stuff is for the birds wife an I are moving. Trying to find land here in Susquehanna county is impossible as everyone wants the gas rights, oil rights and mineral rights well hello what’s left? If I drill a water well I have no legal right to the water because of of.. NY here we come…..
    Jim s….

  • oops

    Hmmmm they tax the natural gas take. Out of the Wells to fix the roads…. they tax the gas we but in our cars AND gas trucks and the roads look like this…. When is all the taxes going not to fix the roads… do a story on that wnep….

  • Joe Poli

    If you want to see a worthless TV station you should tune in to WFMZ here in Allentown. News stories meant for the ignorant, broadcast by ignorant reporters. Both stations are terrible but this is Pennsylvania, (my home), land of Soap Operas, corner bars and cheap beer.

  • Pa native

    Road has been bad since well before the fracking. Lots of water rolled down the mountain there with the floods the past few years.

    • Jay

      The road was never the best but the fracking trucks and warm weather this past weekend did it in over 100 trucks a day are driving it….the side that is the worst is the side that the trucks drive on when filled..

  • bobc74

    Exhibit A in the debate over why PennDOT shouldn’t be allowed to construct any new roads until they fix those that already look like this.

  • Charlie Galinski

    And you being a 1st grader yourself and nothing better to do but criticize others seeing your better than everyone good luck to you. If coming to this site bothers you so much don’t come here hater.

  • marty

    and if your front end on your car gets destroyed,, no one cares! that is an accident waiting to happen, and if a motorcycle hits it,, its over, fix the road! my god!

    • Sara R.

      I live very near this spot and I believe the damage is from the trucks, or at least that is a major contributing factor. The trucks do tend to wear the road more in one direction than the other because they approach a well site that is being fracked from one direction and usually leave by a different route (ie. they drive a circular route). There are some other sections of road almost as bad as this between Harford and Gibson on 547 as well.

    • Matt

      If you stop and think about it, it makes sense that one direction is worse than the other. Let’s say each truck carries 10,000 gallons of water. At eight pounds/gallon, that means the trucks are 80,000 pounds heavier going to a well. Hence, more pressure on the road, which results in more destruction of the roads.

      • Dave W

        The Gross Vehicle Weight of a loaded semi is 80,000 pounds. So by your reasoning then the truck would weigh 118,000 pounds loaded. Now take the 38,000 pounds average of an empty truck and fill it to its full weight of 80,000 pounds with water at 8 pounds a gallon they can only carry a little over 5,000 gallons of water. I love when people make comments without knowing fully what they are saying, makes for a perfect democrat lol.

    • Shannon

      I’m sorry, but if you don’t think that road is damaged by gas well trucks and water trucks you obviously haven’t observed the road before and after a site. I live on 547 and have for 11 years, before the gas well pads were put up the road was fine, yes some winter weather damage and erosion, but nothing major. Along the process of a year that road became almost undrivable, the entire sides were blown out, potholes so big you had to drive in the other lane etc..yes, they made repairs, but they were little repairs that didn’t hold up for long. Isn’t it ironic that the road did not go to crap until after these trucks went up and down it? I think not. They may fix the road afterward because it is required of them, but they do very little to maintain the road while it is in use. This is a hazard for local traffic and especially people who are not familiar with the road.

    • Jay

      One side is worse because that is the side they drive on when filled…more weight more damage…PA never has known how to maintain roads or build them, no shoulder to speak of so the sides of the roads crumble even faster…

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