Ribbon Cutting at LGBT Center

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A rainbow ribbon was cut Sunday for the grand opening of the LGBT center in Luzerne County.

The NEPA Rainbow Alliance held the grand opening at the new center along Route 315 in the Fox Ridge Plaza.

About 100 people came out to celebrate.

The goal of the new facility, that has been more than a decade in the making, is to help solve problems in the community.

"We have a home now for the organization and the center where our programs can run from. Committees can meet, and we can have organizing and lots under one roof," said John Dawe of the NEPA Rainbow Alliance.

Instead of a house warming, a "center warming" followed the ribbon cutting at the new LGBT center.


  • roger

    all these people are going to do is ruin the community. why do they think we should accept their lifestyles. they had a choice in life to live a normal life in a normal society and they didnt. now they want the straight and normal people like us to understand and accept them? get some mental therapy and learn to accept the gender you were given. one of them has already upset my life and my family and now i have to live with the regret that i could not stop it. get a real life people.

  • akbaby

    A center based on sexual orientation. Interesting. Who funded this center? Private funds or taxpayers? What type of programs will the organization offer for the community? Will the programs benifit just the lgbt community or the community as a whole without regard to age, race, gender or sexual orientation?

  • Sarah&Joey

    I agree with Karen. Now does the lgbt accept our position that we are for a man and woman and we want a center. I don’t like how people have to push their beliefs in someone’s face. The only good news my beliefs which recreate life live on with my kids as its the only way to keep life going. (seems right to science, god, and me)

  • Jim

    Yes wnep removes comments at will even when they just express the opposite opinion. When will the world wake up live your life they way you want but why do we need black history month or these centers? There are no white history months or straight centers, just live without putting it in everyone FACE!!!

  • Paul

    Congratulations NEPA such a progressive way of thinking that could shape the overall community into a better place to live.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Karen, I agree. I’m also glad to see that WNEP removed comments at will! Shaping perspective as the see fit! Or as it fits the agenda at hand! My comment was acceptable WNEP, why did you remove it?

    • Dan the Hobbit

      Churches have existed for a long time. An added bonus is that there is a variety to choose from depending on whether or not a given denomination best represents your beliefs. Good luck finding one to call your own! n_n

    • A

      There are no straight centers for the same reason that in Mario Kart, the person in 1st place doesn’t get to use blue shells or lightning bolts.

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