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Wilkes-Barre Bar Raided for Allegedly Selling Alcohol Illegally

WILKES-BARRE — State police liquor enforcement raided a bar this morning in Wilkes Barre.

Police say they were investigating the outsiders bar on south main street for more than a month.

Authorities say the bar may have been serving alcohol without a license.

A judge ruled in January that the bar in Wilkes-Barre can no longer serve alcohol. “.”

The bar was the scene of a deadly shooting last year.

A sign on the door states the building was closed for electrical reasons.

“They need to start paying more attention to the bars and stuff. What happens is a 16 or 17 year old walks into the bar and “hey can i get a drink” You never know they probably did serve underagers and on top of that not having a license,” said Don Juan Mallory of Wilkes-Barre.

Money and alcohol were seized during the raid in Wilkes Barre.

Police expect there to be criminal charges for owners of the bar in Luzerne County.


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