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Update: Traffic Signal Fixed

WILKES-BARRE – The traffic lights are working again at a busy intersection in Wilkes-Barre.

The lights on Route 315 and the signal to get off the Cross Valley Expressway were blinking red and yellow much of the day Friday.

The lack of working lights caused problems for drivers.

The lights began working again Friday evening.


  • Mary Roberts

    The traffic light has not been working properly for the past month or so. The light is working for a day or two and then blinking again. I do not understand why they have not been able to fix this over such a long period of time. This is an extremely dangerous situation. I travel this way daily and there was an accident there on Thursday morning. Luckily it looked like a minor accident but the next one may not be so lucky. The city should be held accountable for their inability to correct this situation in a timely manner.

  • bobc74

    So they aren’t even going to bother stationing police there to direct traffic? Even though there will probably be some of the heaviest traffic in weeks in that area due to the temperatures, sunshine and almost sold out hockey game. How stupid is that!

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