NEPA is Packed With Potholes

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- It is no secret, there are pothole problems in our area and beyond.

The salt, plows, freezing weather and thaw have made a mess of roadways and caused some serious headaches for drivers.

More than a dozen drivers were left stranded for about an hour Friday night after they hit a large pothole on the Central Scranton Expressway heading into downtown Scranton.

A police officer responded to about 15 drivers and vehicles with blown tires.

An emergency PennDOT crew was called to patch the hole in Scranton.

We also went to to our WNEP-TV Facebook page, asking folks for the worst potholes in our area.

Many mentioned the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West Linden Street in Scranton. It is packed with potholes.

"The potholes in the city are horrible, absolutely horrible, they are everywhere, and I work at the University and all the roads around here, it's just horrendous," said Debbie Jennings of Clifford Township.

One person posted on Facebook that the worst spot for potholes was "...the whole City of Scranton. "

Another posted that Schuylkill County should be renamed "Pothole County."

A third person wrote there are potholes on "...every stinking road."

Another spot several people posted about was Viewmont Drive in Dickson City.

And on Main Street in Nanticoke, Newswatch 16 found some large potholes.

"They do pave them, but I don't know if they do an alright job or not, that's my opinion," said Gary Tagnani of Nanticoke.

"Oh the potholes are freaking nasty, some are like this and like this. We hit one in the school van, and I thought we broke something on it. They actually stopped the van," said David Wildoner of Glen Lyon.


  • marilyn

    winter is blamed for all the pot holes but come up here and drive rt 706 into the town of montrose and you will see that that whole stretch of road is nothing but large potholes due to the gas company trucks and the dump trucks …..they have destroyed these roads up here and no one is patching any of them up. So lets not just blame the winter weather, these roads have been bad for years.

  • city slicker

    This comment may prompt a tourist attraction. This afternoon I traveled approx 3 miles on Pittston Ave from Birney Plaza toward the city of Scranton. There was not “one” pothole. The roadway was in beautiful shape. This road was repaved about about 3 years ago by Penndot..We should find out who the contractor was which I am sure they have a record of and give them an award for a project well done..Then ask if they would be kind enough to teach our other pavers how its done properly. Thank you whoever you are you did a masterful job on that paving project…

  • Get over it

    This happens every year in almost every northern part of the country. If you think it’s bad here, try driving in Detroit or NYC. They are worse off than us. Everyone complains about the potholes now but when they road crews are out fixing them they complain about the road work.

    • A Nanticokian

      Not so much. I grew up south of Buffalo, so I’m used to even more extreme winter weather than we get here. Yeah, potholes open up every spring, but they don’t tend to stay that way. Also, other places don’t do stupid things like replacing a road that has expansion joints with one made of terrible materials that just falls apart (thinking of the Sans Souci). I’ve lived a lot of places and I have never seen anywhere that has streets that are consistently as poorly maintained and hazardous to drive on. Defend the pathetic condition of NEPA’s roads all you want, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re all going to need new tires and a front-end alignment by spring.

  • Irish(NNA)

    81N by the Airport has a hole you can lose a car in- almost lost a wheel last night! no point in complaining about gas prices, or the thieves making $23/hr- you stupid people in Scranton keep voting for that stuff, get over it, or stop voting for it!- just post where the holes are so maybe someone will actually go fix them- or at least show the news media how bad the roads actually are— I’d love to see a story about how a 1000 year old African civilization can make roads that still exist- yet PA can’t make roads that last more then a few months- what would happen if we dug down past the frost line, removing the rocks, and did it right? oh yeah no job security for road workers…duh…

  • greg w hartman

    It don’t matter what county you are in the road condtion is bad and they raised the price of gas so they would have all of this extra money to fix the roads in pa. Were is all that extra money going !!!! No were they said it would go but in the bid wigs pockets !!!! I call that theif, stealing !!!! Greg W. H.

  • disabled taxpayer

    The hole thing with N.E.P.A. is the pay rate for the city / county and state road workers they are getting no less then $ 23.00 per. H.R. as the tax dollars go it the pockets of the’r BOSS who get well over $ 55 K per year . So no money for POT HOLE PATCHING

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