Man Facing Drug Charges

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SCRANTON -- Police officers from the Lackawanna County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at an apartment on Main Street in Taylor. They found what they're calling a significant amount of suspected marijuana wrapping up a two month-long investigation.

Earlier in the day, they arrested Drayke Jacobs-Van-Tol. According to court paperwork, police have evidence that Jacobs-Van-Tol was dealing marijuana out of the apartment on Main Street

His face may look familiar because he and his fiancée Tina Keller were in Lackawanna County court earlier in the week for something a County judge said he'd never seen before.

Jacobs-Van-Tol admitted he sent in his fiancée's jury summons with profanity and racial slurs.

The judge let the couple off with a warning.

While Jacobs-Van-Tol was in court, police were working on his arrest warrant and a search warrant for his apartment. Neighbors weren't surprised about the bust in their neighborhood.

"I guess I didn't expect it first but you did see the traffic, you saw activity all the time over there. But, like I said, I mind my own business," said Raymond Rodriguez of Taylor.

They were more surprised by who their neighbors were, that couple with seemingly another misstep getting them on the news.

"I'm not going to lie, I laughed, I was confused as to why someone would even write something like that," said Kristy Balardi of Taylor.

Drayke Jacobs-Van-Tol was arraigned on drug dealing charges this morning and he was taken to the Lackawanna County prison on $25,000 bail. Police expect to file charges against Tina Keller and another person who may have been involved.


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