It’s Time to Register for Kindergarten

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Although the start of the new school year seems a long way off, Kindergarten Registration begins in January and runs through May.

The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties and our Success By 6 program/LEARN team know that beginning Kindergarten is an important milestone and a time that should be filled with happiness and excitement for the entire family. But, it can be very stressful if children and families are unfamiliar with the new setting.

As part of the Kindergarten Registration experience, many schools offer orientation events such as school tours and “meet the teacher” programs for the children and their families.

Once the children see the school for themselves and meet the teachers and support staff, any anxiety is often replaced by excitement and the whole family’s transition to Kindergarten is that much easier.

Additionally, many Kindergarten Registration events include free health screenings such as hearing and vision to help identify potential difficulties the children might experience in school. But, the bottomline is quite simple: It is never too early to help ensure your child’s success in school!

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