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Horses Seized by Humane Officers for Suspected Neglect

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- Eight horses are recovering Friday night in Lycoming County after Humane Officers removed them from a farm in the Williamsport area.

Authorities believe the animals were neglected and starved because of the condition they were in.

Humane officers said they discovered these horses near Williamsport earlier this week. Another horse over who was boarding his animals at the farm reported the suspected neglect to the SPCA.

The horses were seized Thursday, but now the SPCA is working to determine exactly who is responsible.

You can see the ribs on one horse, just one of eight seized from a farm near Williamsport. Humane Officer said all of them are in terrible health.

"Their feet are bad, we have thrush, we have rain rot. we of course have, well basically it's starvation," said Lycoming County SPCA Humane Officer Lawrence Woltz.

Two stallions, one mare and five geldings are now being nursed back to health at Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue. All came from the farm along Youngs Road near Williamsport and humane officers are investigating to determine exactly how many people will face charges.

"You wonder why people wouldn't feed them and take better care of them and I guess the sad thing from what I heard is she was boarding some of the horses," said Norman Koch with Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue Inc.

Humane Officer Lawrence Woltz says this winter has made it especially tough on larger animals because the snow has covered any grass they may have grazed on.

"These large animals depend 100 percent on their human caretakers and if that's not provided then this is what we end up with," said Woltz.

Workers at Appalachian Horse Help & Rescue say it's going to take months to get these guys back in good health, and that's going to take a lot of supplies and a lot of volunteers.

"It will be expensive, I think a lot of times people don't think of what it costs to keep a horse," said Koch.

They say they'll be needing lots of good hay and grain and are in need of donations.

Ron Baney is friends with the farm's owner and saw the horses just last week. He couldn't believe the horses were taken.

"I'd say that they really take care of them, or they wouldn't have horses the way they do and they wouldn't be feeding them and doing things, and it's obvious they tried. They did that," said Baney of Woodward Township.

The farm's owners were home when we stopped by. They told Newswatch 16 they had no comment.

Humane officers say they expect to file charges against up to four different individuals sometime next week.


  • nancy doty

    The horse with the purple halter is Merlin he was a barrel racer the white horse also did barrels I would like to come see the horses I cant beleive the finks did that to the horse’s why didnt you place them if you couldnt take care of them these horses were rescued once along time ago so very disappointed im glad lovely and the other horses were sold before the finks lazied out no animal deserves to be treated this way hey mojohorse

  • Erica Perrin

    This is a truly sad story of animal neglect. Whoever reviewed the transcript for the story did a terrible job editing.

  • George V

    I have owned and trained horses for over 30 years, T-Breds, Standard Breds, mini’s, hunter jumpers, worked as a vet’s assistant… and more. These horse are without question… “Willfully neglected” no doubt in my mind. 99% of people who own horses, treat them like family ( and often better than family) It’s clear, that the owners of these horses and this farm… could care less about them… simple! I pray the courts hammer these fools in a big way! SICKENING!

  • mojohorse

    REALLY!!!! Ron Baney (friends of the farms owner) really, YOU SEE these horses the week before & YOU can’t believe the horses were taken???? REALLY …. Then YOU are just as guilty as the asshats that own that farm & STARVED THEM! Have you KNOW clue how ‘looked after’ horses should look like…you know the ones that are fed properly, shelters provided, farrier & deworming DONE??? You obviously are CLUELESS, so therefore should have kept your mouth shut in speaking for these IDIOTS or should I say abusers, neglecters, basically people who should NEVER own another horse!
    I do hope they are prosecuted & held accountable for their IRRESPONSIBLE HORSE CARE!

  • Dianne

    If i saw them doing that, they would have a HUGE problem on their hands…… they would be very sorry they knew me……. and i hope and pray they get what they deserve.

  • megan

    dirt dogg these people have been in trouble for not taking care of the animals before, they have never done it, for years they have neglected to properly feed them or clean their stalls or get vet care to them. for 9 years that property was a “horse rescue” saving them from kill pens at auctions and adopting them out to good people. ive personally seen horses come into that barn from auctions and be adopted out at a lower weight then when they came in, and coming from kill/amish auctions thats saying alot. 8 were rescued, it would have been 11 but 3 died before they could get help. it was most definitely willful neglect.

  • Lazy

    Wow to proud to take care of them!!How about there children??Just like kids if you cant take care of them dont have them!!!!!!!!

  • James booth

    That’s bs. That rain rot is the worst I have seen and nobody’s pride gets in the way of treatment for that. Neglect plain and simple. Malnourished can have so many variables so I would need more info like health, dental etc. The hoofs and rain rot is just laziness and not caring

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