Hoodie Hoo Day!!

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- It is Hoodie Hoo day! Drop what you're doing, head outside, and yell "Hoodie Hoo!!!"

That's what some folks in Schuylkill Haven did although temperatures were  in the 40's.

But residents gathered anyway and tried to scare winter away with a little song and yelling.

"Young and old and if you're cold, just make some noise! Hoodie Hoo!," the crowd said.

Linda Herzog explained she's sick of the cold, ice and snow.

"I don't like winter at all. I want spring to come very quickly!"

Faye Schnoke loves winter yet she yelled Hoodie Hoo.

"I like winter, I am a winter person. Reporter: So what are you doing out here trying to scare winter away? Answer: yeah, well I came with friends, yeah with the friends ."

Hoodie Hoo Day has been around for generations. Janis Wise said she brought it to Schuylkill Haven.

"I used to go to Mahanoy City for it and I thought why not have it here? Pottsville has it's winter carnival, Schuylkill Haven has Hoodie Hoo Day," said Wise.

Dave Gerber explained  he has a special reason to get rid of winter.

"I drive school bus and I'm tired of the 2 hour delays and cancellations and we don't want to be going to school until July, so let`s get rid of winter! Hoodie Hoo Day! Yeah."

There are some people who just want winter to go away but with the track record we've had this season, there are no guarantees.


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